2015 LFM North American User Meeting Recap

The 2015 LFM North American User Meeting Recap was one of the most informative and exciting events so far this year. Hosted at the Eaton Houston Experience Center, LFM provided insight into new product capabilities and whats in the product.

LFM’s aim is to provide all laser scanning users with maximum efficiency and seamlessly integrated work processes. For that reason LFM software is under continual development. The laser scanning world has advanced beyond just CAD integration and measurement to now being a trusted source of asset information to a widening group of users across the globe.

The Trusted Living Point Cloud is LFMs solution to the ever changing requirements of the industry. The Trusted Living Point Cloud is a combination of the ability to not only add intelligence to facility laser databases but also provide that information to users wherever it is needed. Simplified integration of new datasets to existing databases keeps the Trusted Living Point Cloud as-is and a trusted, verifiable source of asset information.

One key strategy in this development is the ability to access information easily and efficiently through the completely revamped LFM NetView. LFM NetView 4.0, which was demonstrated for the first time at the North American User Meeting, provides access to database information through cloud based hosting directly to the users desktop or tablet. Another major feature is the ability to quickly add intelligence to laser scans by using the new 3D Tags and Markup features. Users can now 3D Tag assets from either NetView or LFM Server and hyperlink them to outside data. This is made easy by the ability to Smart Tag in the BubbleViews. Tags can also be imported using the Fast Tag feature. 3D Tags become part of the LFM Server database in a searchable database.

LFM Server 4.3 also comes with a list of new features and technology. In addition to the new file imports and exports, LFM Server also includes many tool enhancements suggested from users at last years user conference. One of these is the ability to visualize volume definition from within the BubbleView. Previous versions only allowed the user to select a point and input the dimensions of the required volume. This new feature now displays the volume box and adjustment tools that users are accustomed to seeing in the 3D volume selection. LFM Server is now also an integral part of Trusted Living Point Cloud by enabling the user to 3D Tag and generate a NetView 4.0 project. Another requested feature now included in LFM Server 4.3 is integration with Autodesk 2015 and export to Autodesk ReCap.

Whats next for LFM? One of the most exciting demonstrations was the LFM HyperBubble. A new technology developed by LFM that uses Advanced Rendering to allow the user to freely navigate the point cloud at a photorealistic quality. The HyperBubble technology works with scanned data in all forms; aerial, vehicle, handheld or fixed scanners. It is a highly scalable solution which makes it suitable for very large projects. No longer limited to jumping from scan to scan, the user can walk around the facility and view from any angle or elevation. HyperBubble makes extensive use of the GPU to render full definition scan data at high frame rate while at the same time allowing the user complete freedom of movement through a scene.

Future product features also include the ability to create tie-ins from the BubbleView, find structural centerlines and timestamp laser scans. LFM Gateway will continue to support new formats including long range and aerial data formats.

In conclusion, LFM continues to be the industry leader in laser scanning technology. With a dedicated team of developers and continual feature requests from VARs and their clients, LFM will maintain its standard of excellence for years to come.

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John Shipley

John O. Shipley... recently joined the point3D organization in the role of Sales and Support Manager. The point3D firm provides 3D data capture consulting, product sales, and product training to engineering and construction companies, service providers, and facility owners. John is a recognized expert in the 3D laser scanning industry with over 15 years’ experience managing data collection, processing and delivery. John has been involved in the development and implementation of multiple generations of 3D data-capture technology for one of the industry’s pioneers. As a Field Services Manager and Director of Operations, he was responsible for management of all operational departments including field services, data processing and CAD, which took him all over the world from the Middle East, to West Africa, South America and Asia. At point3D, John’s focus will continue to be the development and implementation of work processes for a variety of 3D data capture technologies, for the service provider, engineering company and facility owns alike. Customers in upstream and downstream oil & gas, chemical, manufacturing, nuclear and commercial building markets, can expect to benefit from the experience John and the team possess.
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