Lidar Explored Calendar Shows off Oregon Geology

PORTLAND, Ore. See Oregon in a new light with incredible images created using lidar technology.

The Lidar Explored 2015 Calendar features twelve stunning images of Oregon, from the Powder River floodplain of Baker County to the sea stacks, arches and coves of Boardman State Park in Curry County.

Each image interprets an Oregon landscape in a way thats both artistic and scientific, says State Geologist Vicki S. McConnell. Theyre visually intriguing, but tell a precise story about the landscape.

Lidar, which provides accurate high-resolution images of the earths surface, has revolutionized mapping. The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) uses lidar to create new-generation geologic and natural hazard maps that are more accurate and comprehensive than ever before.

The calendars striking images also highlight the practical applications of lidar data. Moonlight shadows are simulated over a detailed lidar image of downtown Portland a stunning example that nods to lidars usefulness in analyzing daytime sun and shade to determine which rooftops are most suitable for solar panels.

Lidar Explored is the fifth calendar published as part of DOGAMIs Lidar Landscapes series, which also features posters and postcards. Preview the calendar here:

The Lidar Explored 2015 Calendar by Daniel E. Coe is available for $12 from Nature of the Northwest Information Center,, 800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 965, Portland, 971-673-2331.