AVEVA Announces Major Enhancements to AVEVA NET

AVEVAs flagship Information Management software is quicker and more efficient with an improved user interface and faster deployment

Cambridge, UK 15 December 2014: AVEVA today announced a number of improvements to AVEVA NET, its powerful Information Management software. Customer feedback has already shown that these improvements enhance both overall user experience and productivity, enabling significant savings across engineering projects and asset operations. This latest release benefits from simpler and quicker installation and an enhanced user interface that is both intuitive and tablet-friendly.

With improved 3D interaction and faster and more powerful search, visualisation and navigation capabilities, AVEVA NET 5.0 provides users with an optimal experience. It continues to maintain an open and agnostic approach to integration, accepting data from any source. In addition, AVEVA NET 5.0 is cloud ready, offering customers the benefits of greater system flexibility and scalability.

AVEVA NET is the benchmark that other solutions are measured against for speed and ease of installation said Derek Middlemas, COO & Head of Enterprise Solutions, AVEVA. Helping our customers to gain a competitive advantage has always been a primary focus for us. Feedback from early adopters of this latest version has been extremely positive confirming faster deployment and unmatched productivity when exploiting digital asset information. Overall they are very impressed with the results.

Mr. Middlemas continued, AVEVA NET 5.0 marks a step change in the deployment of Engineering Information Management solutions and will once again set the standard for others to follow, as the Digital Asset strategy becomes a must-have for capital intensive industries.

AVEVA NET 5.0 is the core technology underpinning AVEVAs Digital Information Hub solutions, enabling EPCs and Owner Operators to rapidly capture, explore and interrogate their Digital Asset information. It also enables efficiency in the complex process of progressively handing over an assets data from its engineering and construction phase into its operations phase.


AVEVA NET 5.0 delivers significant advances in fast and efficient search, navigation and visualisation of project and asset information for engineering and operations.

New features include:

Clean, modern, efficient user interface

Simple yet powerful engineering search

HTML5-based 2D visualisation

Enhanced 3D visualisation

At-a-glance item Summary Views

Configurable tag and document Content Cards

New Basket feature

Cloud-ready architecture

For more information visit www.aveva.com/aveva_net