GeoCue Group Announces the Release of GeoCue 2014.1

Huntsville, AL GeoCue Group Inc. is pleased to announce the release of GeoCue 2014.1. GeoCue is the worlds most powerful and popular geospatial production management software, available as a Windows 64-bit application. This release includes many new features, performance improvements and stability enhancements. A number of features are aimed specifically at supporting LAS 1.4 data while easing usability and installation of GeoCues client and server components.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Dramatically Simplified Installation and Client Start-Up

  • Improved Performance of Distributed Workflows

  • Email Alerts on Dispatched Jobs

  • New Window Arrangement Feature

  • New Coordinate Reference Systems and Vertical Datum

  • Comprehensive support for LAS 1.4. (LIDAR 1 CuePac)

  • Additional Options for DirectDrive of MicroStation/Terrasolid

  • Improved Look Up Table (LUT) Support (DMC PPS CuePac)

  • Enhanced FramePro Data Import and Streamlined Workflow (RCD30 CuePac)

In addition to the major new features highlighted above, we have also addressed many areas of the software to improve both performance and stability.

Everyone who has GeoCue on current maintenance will receive the release on DVD. We will send out an email blast when the new release has been posted to the download server.

We think you will find tremendous added value in this new release of GeoCue. GeoCue was already the premiere tool for workflow optimization. This new release greatly advances this standing as well as positioning GeoCue as the most capable tool in the marketplace for integrating and accelerating the geospatial production environments of any size production shop.

GeoCue Group ( is a software development and consulting services company specializing in geospatial production management solutions and creating tools for improving geospatially organized processes. GeoCue Group is also North Americas leading provider of production solutions for airborne and mobile laser scanning. For more information please visit our website or contact us via email (

GeoCue is a registered trademark of GeoCue Group.

Terrasolid is a trademark of Terrasolid Oy.

MicroStation is a trademark of Bentley Systems Incorporated.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft.