First Undet Unlimited Network license Sold in UK for Maltby Surveys

UNDET ToolBox V2 is the latest release of an application that has been developed over the course of the last three years by InfoEra Ltd, a company with a software history dating back to 1997. Hidden at the Geographical centre of Europe, this Lithuanian software developer has been quietly going about their business until now that is with Maltby Surveys being the first UK Company to purchase Undet Unlimited Network Licence.

Together with the official release of Version 2 this summer on 15/07/2014, UNDET also introduced new flexible and easy-to-scale pricing and licensing options thus continuing to provide best price and productivity ratio software in the market.

Clients can start with a Single Seat License and easily scale up seat volume together with their business expansion. The 3D scanning business is sensitive to software prices per seat since one scanning day usually engages several people and requires up to 2-8 days of point cloud processing in the office depending on the task. Therefore, if scanners are used efficiently, a company needs to purchase a sufficient number of software seats to empower everyone with tools for as-built documentation.

This was the case for Maltby Surveys who currently use four Faro Scanners and one Leica Scanner in their daily activities. After an initial trial period, Maltby Surveys decided to purchase Undets Unlimited Network Licence and equip all their drafters and modellers with a new tool replacing Pointools Model and Leica Cloudworx plug-ins for AutoCAD.

Along with the price of the new tool, Maltby Surveys were also delighted about the functionality and productivity that UNDET provides. A Chartered Surveyor and one of the company directors Andrew Maltby commented:

It is very intuitive software that has all the functionality we need and even more. We were commissioned to carry out a Laser Scanning project at the National Space Centre, Leicester and this was our first live Undet project. The transition from Pointools Model was fairly painless and two dimensional plans and sections were derived in a similar time frame to Pointools, even at the first attempt.

Readers looking for more information about UNDET software should visit their website: