Visual Intelligence Wins Two Prestigious Awards from MAPPS in Recognition of its Groundbreaking iOne Sensor Technology

Visual Intelligence Wins Grand Award and Technology Innovation Award

Houston, TX October 8, 2014 Visual Intelligence has received the Grand Award and Technology Innovation Award from the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS), which is the only national association of firms in the surveying, spatial data and geographic information systems field in the United States. MAPPS annual Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards is one of the preeminent awards programs in the world for geospatial technology. Visual Intelligence is the first winner of the Technology Innovations category who has advanced to win the Grand Award.

Visual Intelligence won the awards in recognition of its iOne SRK, (Sensor Reconfiguration Toolkit) technology, which represents a major leap forward by allowing aerial image providers to reconfigure their sensor system to meet mission requirements. It allows the user to change a sensor from one configuration to another for example transform a sensor from medium area collection to large or very large area or oblique while in the field. The technology behind iOne SRK also has numerous intriguing applications outside of the geospatial industry and can be used to enhance the functionality of miniaturized cameras used in smartphones, automobile design, security, public safety and more.

Visual Intelligence is extremely proud to be recognized by the MAPPS community and by the esteemed judging committee for these two awards, said Visual Intelligence CEO and President Dr. Armando Guevara. I love our industry because I truly believe the work we are doing has the potential to change the world, and it is gratifying to receive this affirmation that Visual Intelligences innovations are paving the way for the future of geospatial.

Guevara added, One of the reasons iOne technology is so significant is that it allows geospatial collection companies around the worldespecially the small, family-run operationsto have unprecedented access to affordable, high-quality and expandable digital sensor technology. With solutions based on iOne technology, these companies now can afford to have modern multi-purpose imaging systems that make it possible for them to generate new revenue streams, bid more projects and offer customers value-added products without having to buy entirely separate sensors.

Visual Intelligences iOne SRK is groundbreaking technology that allows many cameras and sensors to be combined seamlessly into one sensor and rapidly reconfigured to support a wide range of projects. By replacing expensive, single-purpose, monolithic airborne cameras and sensors with cost-effective, multi-purpose imaging iOne system solutions, users get more capabilities and produce far superior imagery and data.

These MAPPS awards invigorate us to stay laser-focused on our vision of helping small companies with film cameras to join the digital revolution as well as assisting large geospatial firms in replacing expensive and aging/obsolete cameras with more economical and high performance sensor systems. iOne imaging systems are helping customers profitably grow their business, rapidly create new products, and minimize risk with technology that is obsolescence-resistant. We are providing the next generation of geospatial imaging solutions, and empowering our customers to collect more, and do more, for less.

In addition to its important uses in the geospatial industry, Visual Intelligences technology also has compelling applications in a number of other industries thanks to the ability of these arrays to be miniaturized to sizes that can go virtually anywhere.

Guevara added, In the very near future, miniaturized imaging systems will do futuristic things that used to be possible only in science fiction movies. Smart phone cameras will take advantage of more sophisticated technology, such infrared, night vision, and thermal imagery. Next-generation cars will utilize these systems to incorporate sensors and additional cameras that produce more intelligent images with broader field of view. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. The future for this technology is very exciting.

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About Visual Intelligence

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2003, Visual Intelligence LP is an industry-leading software and sensor technology company that delivers world-class geoimaging solutions for airborne, terrestrial and mobile applications. The company has a rich history of industry innovations, numerous patents, the USGS Digital Aerial Sensor Type Certification, and the 2013 Geospatial Forum World Technology Innovation in Sensors Award. In 2014, the companys iOne SRK (Sensor Reconfiguration Kit) claimed the overall Grand Award and Technology Innovation award in the MAPPS Geospatial Product and Services Excellence competition for providing a flexible and affordable platform for larger and faster data collection, automated processing workflows and highly-accurate 3-D visualization data. For more information, please visit