Blue Marble Webinars for August 2014

In the August edition of the Geographic Calculator webinar, we will explore vertical datums and transforming 3d data. In the 2014 release of Geographic Calculator, there was a change in how we work with vertical coordinate systems. This change allows more flexible interaction with vertical datums, and makes it easier to define custom transformations. Throughout Calculator, 3D data is increasingly common, whether we are mapping floodplains, sea beds, subsurface features or modeling on the surface. Data may come in the form of databases of numeric coordinates, vector based contour maps, LiDAR point clouds, or raster surface models. Wherever this 3D data comes from, the elevations are based on a specific vertical reference, and transforming from one to another must be done properly, or analysis done on the models will be flawed. This 60 minute session will explore the complexities of handling this data and their coordinates.

Using the Digitizer Tool

The Digitizer is arguably the most commonly used tool in Global Mapper. Providing the functionality for creating and editing vector features, the Digitizer offers a wide variety of drawing capabilities from simple point-and-click feature creation to advanced coordinate geometry input.

In the latest on the Global Mapper webinar series, we explore all aspects of the Digitizer including simple feature creation, vertex-level editing, cropping and edge-matching, feature converting, vector layer management, and configuration options. We will also uncover several hidden Digitizer functions and share some useful tips and tricks.

For the duration of the hour-long presentation, Blue Marble staff members will be available to answer questions from webinar attendees. Registration is required and space is limited so be sure to sign up today.

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Our sessions are recorded and posted to our archive for later viewing if you are not able to attend live: products/previous-webinars.php

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The Blue Marble Team