Unmanned Systems and Emerging Markets to be Buzz of MAPPS Summer Conference

Reston, VA, July 17, 2014 – The buzz in the geospatial profession on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) will draw the attention of MAPPS members at the association’s annual Summer Conference, to be held July 27-31, 2014 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Interest in UAS increases each day. MAPPS has been at the forefront of the technology, first providing education on the topic in 2007. The five-day conference will provide greater insight into UAS and other emerging markets that will provide business opportunities for the private geospatial profession. The conference is focused on emerging markets, business trends and networking. During this year’s conference a day will be dedicated to UAS platforms, sensors, data collection and processing, markets and regulation and will include live demonstrations.

Conference sessions will also focus on business trends in the geospatial profession important to the owners and senior managers of private sector firms. A session will include "Teaming: Large and Small Business Perspectives", an overview of how MAPPS membership can facilitate teaming and partnering and how to create strategic business partnerships. This will be complemented by a session on marketing messaging using defined business goals to create succinct communication plans that provide actionable results to your target market.

Through mergers and acquisitions, rapidly evolving technology and consumer markets the geospatial business landscape looks very different today than it did even five years ago. What will it look like in another five years? Panelist of senior executives will tackle the complex question and provide their view of the ever-changing landscape of the market in a session, "Where is the Geospatial Market Going".

The UAS sessions will focus on regulatory framework for the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NRPM) to be initiated by the Federal Aviation Administration, opportunities for private sector geospatial firms to pursue the ability to operate UAS systems, the certification of authorization process and the application process under Section 333 of the Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act of 2012. Attendees will also learn about current and future "mini" sensor technology for UAS, as well as the platforms on which to deploy new sensor payloads.

MAPPS creates a unique opportunity for the owners and operators of private sector geospatial business to learn about emerging business trends and technologies that will have an impact on their business through a conference program that facilities education and business development through networking. There is no other program in the geospatial marketplace that provides the business-to-business partnering opportunities.

MAPPS extends a special offer to private geospatial firms that are not members of the association. A firm can register as a non-member and attend the conference. If the firm joins by the end of the conference on July 31, the difference between the member and non-member rate will be credited toward the firm’s membership in MAPPS. To view the full program and to register for the conference, visit www.mapps.org.


Formed in 1982, MAPPS is the only national association exclusively comprised of private firms in the remote sensing, spatial data and geographic information systems field in the United States. The MAPPS membership spans the entire spectrum of the geospatial community, including Member Firms engaged in satellite and airborne remote sensing, surveying, photogrammetry, aerial photography, LIDAR, hydrography, bathymetry, charting, aerial and satellite image processing, GPS, and GIS data collection and conversion services. MAPPS also includes Associate Member Firms, which are companies that provide hardware, software, products and services to the geospatial profession in the United States and other firms from around the world. Independent Consultant Members are sole proprietors engaged in consulting in or to the geospatial profession, or provides a consulting service of interest to the geospatial profession.

MAPPS provides its member firms opportunities for networking and developing business-to-business relationships, information sharing, education, public policy advocacy, market growth, and professional development and image enhancement.

For more information on MAPPS, please visitwww.mapps.org.