VRMesh v8.5 Released for Classifying Powerlines, Poles and Tree Crowns

Jun. 30th, 2014 – VirtualGrid is pleased to announce the availability of VRMesh v8.5, the latest version of its powerful 3D point cloud and mesh processing software. This new release has significantly extended and enhanced the usability of VRMesh Survey module for LiDAR point cloud processing.

The key improvements in version 8.5 include:

  • Automatic extraction of powerlines, poles and tree crowns from LiDAR point clouds
  • Automatic extraction of boundary curves along the classified points in a desired region
  • Enhanced workflow for placing catenary strings along points

Automatic Feature Extraction from LiDAR Point Clouds

With these new and enhanced capabilities, VRMesh has significantly improved the workflow efficiencies of VRMesh Survey. It becomes the most complete solutions for automatic point cloud classification, feature extraction, and triangulation in the field of airborne and mobile LiDAR processing.

For more information or to download a free demo version, please visit our website www.vrmesh.com

About VirtualGrid:

VirtualGrid is the developer of VRMesh, an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. We focus on LiDAR remote sensing, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping industries.