Gexcel and Sooki on the Japanese Market with the New Scan Armor: Interview to Mr. Sadaoka Toshiaki

Mr. Sadaoka Toshiaki (sales manager of Sooki company – Japanese partner of Gexcel) answers to some questions about the laser scanning Japanese market and their efforts to satisfy the customer needs through the Gexcel’s software solutions.

After the truly satisfying experience at SPAR JAPAN 2014 (Kawasaki), now Sooki and Gexcel are now attending the 22nd 3D & Virtual Reality Expo (Tokyo | June, 25th – 27th | Booth: East 4-35 IVR), where they are presenting the Scan Armor system, the JRC 3D Reconstructor and the PointR3 software packages.

Gexcel is very proud to have been introduced in this interesting market through a such a solid and reliable company.

Gexcel and Sooki have defined a strong collaboration to provide 3D surveying solutions into the Japanese market. Why this strong collaboration?

Sooki started the 3D survey activity in the 2007. At this time, our customers wanted to make 3D laser scanner survey without targets in plant industry field. Furthermore, our customers required smooth registry from wide area data into one data, so the JRC 3D Reconstructor software is the best solution for us towards the needs from such customers.

Sooki has been keeping the name of JRC 3D Reconstructor for these 7 years, in our company only, not opening the software name to our customers, just only using it directly for the company survey activities. Last October 2013, Sooki decided to open the name and the sales of JRC 3D Reconstructor. Consequently, Sooki concluded a sales representative agreement with Gexcel.

Sooki and Gexcel have been attended at SPAR J 2014 (Japan). Which is your feedback after this meeting?

At SPAR J 2014 Sooki presented how to make 3D survey without targets, mainly for surveying the old traditional museum in Osaka. The survey has been done by the permission of the Municipal Authorities who gave the right also to create a movie of the site.

Sooki is fully involved also in plants survey but, we could not show the results due to a strict confidential agreement.

After the three technical sessions we had at SPAR J 2014, many customers visited our booth, in order to discover something more about our software solution, especially about the registration without targets. In reply to costumers requirements, who want to know how to use JRC Reconstructor and PointR3, Sooki is going to set some dedicated seminars in the Company Tokyo offices.

How do you feel about the Japanese market of 3D laser scanning and imaging techniques in the near future?

In the past, customers only received and saw the data from the surveyors. Recently, customers want to manage the data by themselves based on their own request that arises after receiving 3D survey data from surveyors. I feel the tendency of interests of 3D laser scanner customers is towards how to treat the data.

What are the feedback on the market about the JRC Reconstructor and PointR3 software solutions?
Once again, the strategic point of JRC 3D Reconstructor for the Japanese market is the possibility to make 3D survey without targets. It is one of the most important features, along with the Inspection tool that enables to compare models acquired in different time to define detection areas, speeding up the survey activity… and speed means that the survey cost is very low.

Recently, most customers hope to manage their data by themselves. After receiving the data from surveyors, when other requirements happen, PointR3 is the good solution, because, it is capable of treating the data in accordance with their requests and it is capable of dropping the data into the CAD files.

Sooki will show all of these processes at the seminar in Sooki Tokyo Office.

What is the market answer to the presentation of the "Scan Armor for Focus3D remote control" industrial solution?

In Japan, there is not a solution like the Gexcel Scan Armor. We received many requests for the Gexcel Scan Armor, in particular for Stockpile applications. We hope to make presentation together with the customer who will be able to announce their result at the next SPAR J 2015.

About Sooki

Started rental business of measuring devices for construction industries in 1988, in few years started measuring service for tunnelling and road.

In 2007 started 3D survey business.

For more information please contact:

Sadaoka Toshiaki | Sales Manager | Sooki | | (+81) 090-3974-2618

About Gexcel

Gexcel Srl has a rich history spanning more than 10 years of proven fully featured lidar and imagery analysis software packages with the JRC 3D Reconstructor, completely compatible with all terrestrial, mobile and airborne scanners from many hardware manufacturers such as Faro, MDL, Optech, Riegl, Stonex, Topcon, Trimble and Z+F. Gexcel Srl was established in 2007 from the academic know-how of the University of Brescia and the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra (Italy). Gexcel Srl is proud to support all major standard formats such as the ASTM E57 and LAS.

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