Integratable LeddarOne Module Adds Sensing Intelligence to Your Product

QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, June 25, 2014 LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar LED-based detection technology, is pleased to announce the release of its LeddarOne Sensing Module, a more compact and low-cost alternative that brings valuable sensing intelligence to a whole new range of finished products.

This single-element sensing module is particularly suitable for applications such as level sensing, security and surveillance and proximity detection, just to name a few. The LeddarOnes focused, yet conic beam offers excellent overall range and performance.

Moreover, the modules small form factor, adaptability, easy integration, low power consumption and high accuracy give developers and integrators great flexibility to enhance their own branded products, bringing a new dimension to their innovations.

As with all Leddar sensing modules, the LeddarOne comes with dedicated configuration software (LeddarConfigurator) and a development kit (Leddar Enabler SDK) containing libraries and examples. The code can be easily ported to any system, resulting in fast integration of the sensor in the final application.

The LeddarOne simplifies sensing and integration, thereby facilitating our customers innovation process, regardless of their final application, mentioned Sonia Blanger, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at LeddarTech. And with its low price point, its a great way to add a lucrative feature to OEM products, adds Ms. Blanger.

About LeddarTech (
LeddarTech is the worlds only supplier of advanced detection and ranging systems based on patented, leading-edge sensing technology that performs time-of-flight measurement using pulses from infrared LEDs processed through innovative algorithms, thus detecting a wide range of objects under various environmental conditions. Leddar Technology is highly adaptable, serves multiple markets and comes in different module forms, providing brand owners and OEMs with a solution that meets their needs while ensuring quick and simple integration.

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