NEW MAVinci SIRIUS NIR Camera Option for Agricultural Applications

We are proud to present our new near infrared camera option for the SIRIUS and SIRIUS pro UAS. It provides relative NDVI-indices from the minium to maximum value in the image. The new camera option adds a completely new range of agricultural applications to our UAS, says Marco Mller, one of the MAVinci CEOs. We present a modified version of our current camera system to achieve the same high resolution images and high accuracy results. The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a graphical indicator for analysis of vegetation conditions and photosynthetic capacity.

It is very easy to use:
Because the SIRIUS and SIRIUS pro UAS provide the whole tool chain from flight planning to the final result, the work flow is straight forward and the system is very easy to use: After flying the UAS and acquiring the images they are processed to an orthophoto. Then MAVinci Desktop performs the index calculation of the NDVI and one can export the final NDVI image.

High resolution and accuracy:
The NIR camera version provides the same high accuracy as the visible camera version. The single images can be processed to high accuracy orthofotos and 3D models.

The new NIR camera system is available as an add on for both MAVinci UAS models:

MAVinci SIRIUS pro is a fully integrated orthofoto UAS, which delivers orthofotos and three-dimensional elevation models with a high absolute accuracy of 5 cm without using ground control points. The GSD of the single images ranges from 1.5 to 20 cm. Combining MAVincis precision timing technology with TOPCONs sub centimeter grade L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS RTK receivers this robust system stands up with a clever solution that helps realizing projects in a better and faster way.

MAVinci SIRIUS classic is a fully integrated orthofoto UAS, that takes aerial images of the area of interest, which are processed to orthofotos or digital elevation models. The GSD of the single images ranges from 1.5 to 20 cm. MAVinci SIRIUS convince in cost efficiency, flexibility and data quality.

Available Versions: Visible and near infrared range
Get the full flexibility: The user can easily switch between the NIR and visible camera system.

Please find demo data showing the performance of the new camera here: 2014_05_21_CIR_MTR/
Please find more Information on our web page: completesys/camera

Grupo Acre completes RPAS pilote course:

From 09. – 12. June 2014 our Spanish distributor Grupo Acre sucesfully completed the BASIC RPAS (REMOTELY PILOTED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS) PILOT COURSE. the Spanish RPAS pilot license is since April 2014 required for all commercial UAV uses.

The Spanish RPAS pilot course is an adapted PPL(A) theory course divided into four modules. Knowledge from "AirLaw, Operational Procedures, Communications, Meteorology (I), Meteorology (II), Navigation (I), Navigation (II), Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Performances and Planning, Human Performances, ATC knowledge is content of the course and the final exam.

The participants of the course where allowed to use their newly acquired knowledge in a short flight with a Boeing 757 flight simulator.

Please find further information here:

AESA – Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Area (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency)

http://www.seguridadaerea.gob. es/LANG_EN/home.aspx



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