New features of MAVinci Desktop Release 3.4

MAVinci Desktop, a professional software to handle all UAV related tasks from flight planning to UAV control also functions as an interface to several post processing software solutions. With MAVinci Desktop you are able to handle all jobs from simple up to complex projects intuitively and time efficiently.

Sirius PRO workflow support [PRO users only]
MAVinci Desktop 3.4 now fully supports the workflow of our latest edition Sirius Pro, the extremely accurate Surveying UAS -. Datasets can be shifted to match position of reference station with an external reference value.

Connector PRO GNSS RAW data support [PRO users only]
You can now download the GNSS RAW data that is recorded during the averaging time of the Connector. You can post process the Connector (Base-)Position and use this post processed position as corrected coordinates in the MAVinci Desktop matching. Using post processing of the base position, you can now work without additional equipment to measure the base position and even do not need to measure the antenna height anymore.

Emergency actions [only on AP version 6]
In order to comply with legal requirements in Czech Republic we introduced several new emergency actions. You can now set desired actions to be performed in case of emergency (e.g. GPS loss or link loss).

Imperial Units & Arbitrary Projections & New Altitude Reference
All values in MAVinci Desktop can be viewed and edited in imperial units. Coordinates are handled in more than 3500 predefined spacial reference systems. Additionally, users can define their own systems based on a WKT definition. Altitudes are now referenced based on the chosen reference system, so either over WGS84 or EGM. Customer DEM imports can be arbitrarily adjusted in their vertical altitude reference. All exports to processing are now based on WGS84 altitudes instead of EGM, since EGM turned out to be defined slightly different everywhere.

  • New automatic checks
  • Improvements of flight plan generation and dataset handling
  • MAVinci Plug-in for Agisoft Photoscan optimizes processing

Free Demo of MAVinci Desktop
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