New & Improved for 2014: Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Survey Available for Download

Aerial Services completed a market survey of existing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)in September 2012 and then updated it in May 2014. It contains nearly 150 different models of unmanned aircraft and UAS-sized sensors andphotogrammetricsoftware from all over the world.The products listed are intended primarily for civilremote sensinguse.

The information illustrates the diversity of unmanned aerial systems and, with time, will record just how quickly this market is changing and maturing. The main utility of this information will be to quickly discover the plethora of available options for Unmanned Aerial Systems useful for creating geospatial information and services.Today’s major players in each of these market segments are easily identified.

The database is not complete.Not only is this market rapidly developing with different products being offered and retired each week, but no attempt has been made to include those UAS used primarily for military or surveillance purposes or those marketed only in foreign countries.

Aerial Services would like to acknowledge theIowaSpace GrantConsortium (ISGC) for making this original market survey in 2012 possible.

Visit Aerial Services website for access to the survey