Certainty 3D LLC Releases TechNote #1021: Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metrics and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data

Orlando, FL April 22, 2014 Certainty 3D LLC has released TechNote #1021, a public access white paper documenting concise, efficient and intuitive processes for establishing LiDAR project data requirements, incorporating them into a request for proposal (RFP) and assessing the data against those requirements. Methods for assessing the spatial orientation of the data yield a well-documented lineage from the data to network survey control coordinates. Additional methods are presented to assess the fundamental characteristics of point clouds and calibrated images assuring extracted features, measurements and models will meet project requirements. Examples demonstrating the execution of each process are provided throughout the document. TechNote #1021 is immediately available on the C3D University section of Certainty 3Ds website at http://www.certainty3d.com/university/info/?tab=0 .

TechNote #1021 shares with the LiDAR community proven workflows, techniques and tools Certainty 3D has developed over several years. said Ted Knaak, president of Certainty 3D. We developed these processes from the data Customer perspective, thereby establishing requirements based on overall project objectives and assessing quality from the data aloneno detailed knowledge of the LiDAR system itself is required.

For more information or to schedule a web demonstration of TechNote #1021 processes, contact Dawn Keller at dawn.keller@certainty3d.com or click the following link and complete the online support form. http://www.certainty3d.com/support/index.php

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Certainty 3D, Orlando, FL is a leading software development company specializing in LiDAR and point cloud processing software. Certainty 3D develops, sells and supports TopoDOT, a high performance CAD application for importing and extracting topography and models from point clouds, calibrated images and related data. Other software offerings include TopoCloud for data storage and administration and TopoPLANNER/TopoMISSION laser scanning project planning tools and consulting services for laser scanning technology. Learn more about Certainty 3D at www.certainty3d.com.

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