In The Scan

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Focus3D X 130
The ultra-portable Focus3D X 130 enables fast, straightforward, and accurate measurements of accident sites, complex structures, crime scenes, facades, production and manufacturing facilities, and large-volume components. Combining the highest-precision scanning technology with authentic mobility and ease-of-use, the Focus3D X 130 offers reliability, flexibility, and real-time views of recorded data. The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing, shipbuilding and other applications.

Trimble InSphere
Trimble InSphere is a cloud-based software platform for central management of geospatial applications, data and services. The simple and easy-to-use framework provides access to multiple applications, including three productivity-enhancing apps: Trimble InSphere Data Manager, Trimble InSphere Equipment Manager and Trimble TerraFlexTM to simplify field data collection. In addition, Trimble AccessTM Services provide a seamless data connection between surveyors in the field and managers in the office. InSphere allows organizations to manage everything in one place, accessible anytime and virtually anywhere.

Lidar bathymetry has historically been restricted to coasts with clear waters and reflective seafloors. With the new Turbid Water Module for the Optech CZMIL HydroFusion workflow, this is now a thing of the past. Leveraging Optech’s experience in waveform analysis and the advanced technologies of the CZMIL lidar bathymeter system, the Turbid Water Module has provided depth measurements from very shallow (depth < 1-2 m) and highly turbid (Kd 0.8 m-1) waters with dark, muddy seafloors (reflectance = 3-5%).

Calibrated Reflectivities
Velodyne’s HDL-32E real-time 3D LiDAR sensor with 32 laser/detector channels recently won a large mobile mapping contract on the strength of its unique Calibrated Reflectivities feature. This unique and powerful capability enables the automatic location of street signs, lane markings and license plates thereby significantly reducing mapping costs. The HDL-32E’s light weight (1kg), compact, rugged design, and stunning 700,000 points/sec data rate makes it the obvious choice for mobile mapping via car, boat, or UAV.

iOne Oblique
iOne Oblique AnalytixTM is a web-based software app from Visual Intelligence that enables geospatial companies to view, analyze, measure and exploit oblique imagery in powerful new ways not possible with other software. Analytix allows users to inspect oblique aerial imagery from a variety of viewpoints and then conduct sophisticated 3D measurements, analysis and manipulation of structures and objects. Many analysis functions are fully automated, saving users a significant amount of time as they work with specific objects in the imagery.

Steinbichler T-Scan
The STEINBICHLER T-SCAN high-precision overall concept for laser scanners now offers large-volume measurement with a consistently high precision thanks to the innovative STEINBICHLER T-SCAN LV / T-TRACK LV scanning and tracking combination. The tracking volume is up to 35 m and thus offers the greatest possible freedom of movement for an efficient measuring process. The increased measuring volume enables the scanning of objects with an overall length of up to 6 meters with very high precision and impressive speed.

A 1.117Mb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE