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Owners, Architects, Engineers and General Contractors: Are you having difficulties receiving building documentation information that meets your project’s needs? USIBD is here to help.

Building Documentation Professionals: Are you having difficulties interpreting solicitations and experiencing a level playing field during bidding? USIBD is here to help.

We are proud to announce the public review of our draft Request For Qualifications (RFQ), 3D Imaging Specification, Level Of Accuracy (LOA) Specification, Request For Proposal (RFP), and their associated user guides for public review. During the next 4 weeks we are looking for feedback from all industries and professions that have an interest in the building documentation industry.

We would like to thank CSI (Construction Specification Institute), AGC BIM Forum, Building Smart Alliance, CyArk, SPAR Point Group, FARO, LIDAR News, and the countless building documentation professionals donating their time to develop the building documentation industry.


  1. Download all documents:
  2. Read user guides to fully understand the intent of these documents.
  3. Review and use the documents.
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Document descriptions….

USIBD_B100G_2014_ver0.21_Guide: Explains our intent and how the Request For Qualifications (RFQ) document should be used.

USIBD_B100_2014_ver0.21: Provides guidance and protections to those individuals or organizations wishing to qualify providers offering professional building documentation services.

USIBD_SC100G_2014_ver0.21_Guide: Explains our intent and how the 3D Imaging Specification should be used.

USIBD_SC100_2014_ver0.23: Provides guidance and protections to those individuals or organizations soliciting proposals from providers offering professional building documentation services for 3D Imaging Data.

USIBD_S200G_2014_ver0.44_Guide: Explains our intent and how the Level Of Accuracy (LOA) Specification should be used.

USIBD_S200_2014_ver0.61: A reference or guideline that enables professionals in the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Owner (AECO) Industry to specify and articulate, with a high level of clarity, the accuracy and means by which to represent and document existing conditions.

USIBD_B101G_2014_ver0.22_Guide: Explains our intent and how the Request For Proposal (RFP) should be used.

USIBD_B101_2014_ver0.22: Provides performance based criteria to ensure the client (Architect, Engineer, etc.) obtains the desired deliverables.

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