CONTROL 14 Steinbichler Optotechnik Presents Innovative Scanning and Tracking Combination and Intelligent Light Control Techn

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, the worldwide leading provider of optic measuring and sensor technology, will be presenting the innovative STEINBICHLER T-SCAN LV / T-TRACK LV scanning and tracking combination at CONTROL (hall 5 stand 5304) in Stuttgart. "The STEINBICHLER T-SCAN high-precision overall concept for laser scanners now offers large-volume measurement with a consistently high precision. The tracking volume is up to 35 m and thus offers the greatest possible freedom of movement for an efficient measuring process, reports Hans Weigert, Head of Sales & Distribution at Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH.

Efficient, non-fatiguing work is assured due to the compact dimensions of the STEINBICHLER T-SCAN LV scanner. The overall modular concept with the controller box and the easy-to-connect central wiring is ready for use in just a few minutes. The combination of the STEINBICHLER T-SCAN LV hand-guided laser and the ergonomic STEINBICHLER T-POINT LV touch probe, which makes individual point measurements quick and uncomplicated, enables precise 3D data recording for nearly all applications particularly with large objects to be measured.

The increased measuring volume of 35 m of the new STEINBICHLER T-TRACK LV enables the scanning of objects with an overall length of up to 6 meters with very high precision and impressive speed (e.g. complete vehicle/automobile manufacturing, plant construction, agricultural technology, welding structures/metalworking, etc.). With the Dynamic Referencing function, the system enables precise measurements, even on moving objects or objects in an unstable environment. The connection of multiple STEINBICHLER T-TRACK LV trackers enables even greater freedom of movement for the measurement of large objects. The change in position of a tracker thereby becomes superfluous and measuring speed is increased, even with complex shapes.

An additional CONTROL highlight from Steinbichler Optotechnik is Intelligent Light Control (ILC) in the STEINBICHLER COMET 6 high-end sensor. ILC enables the detection of highly reflective parts. Through the innovative and consistent advancement of strip light projection, it is possible, thanks to ILC, to dispense with the otherwise common spraying of various measurement parts. Due to the automatic recognition of components, required parameters are adjusted automatically and elaborate correction and adaption of various factors such as component length or illumination time can be omitted. The result is an increased measurement speed and the handling of the system is simplified considerably.

ILC independently analyzes the recordings of the STEINBICHLER COMET 6 sensor. In areas where there is excessive exposure or radiation due to an excessive influence of light on the component, the amount of projection light is automatically reduced. With the digital projection unit, the STEINBICHLER COMET 6 sensor is capable of projecting a multitude of gray values and can thus project a special gray value for each area of the component.

Strip light sensors, like the STEINBICHLER COMET 6, enable the quick and highly precise measuring and scanning of a variety of parts. Particularly with highly reflective components, such as sheets, reflections and thus overexposure or underexposure of individual areas of components can occur, which can then result in a potentially diminished data quality, emphasises Hans Weigert. In ILC, a process with so-called adaptive projection, Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH now has developed a solution to this challenging problem for the first time.

Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH is well-known around the world for its years of expertise in high-precision optical measurement and sensor technology as well as for efficient hardware and software solutions designed primarily to cater to the needs of the automotive, aerospace and tire industries. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Neubeuern, Germany, the international company today has a staff of 220 employees. In addition to a worldwide distributor network, Steinbichler has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, China, India, Portugal, France, England and Russia. Reference customers include Airbus, Audi, BMW, Boeing, Daimler, EADS, Siemens, Sony and Thyssen. For further information about Steinbichler Optotechnik please visit us online at (optical measurement systems) and (automation).


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