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CHIROPTERA II from Leica Geosystems Inc. and Airborne Hydrography AB is an innovative LiDAR solution for topographic and shallow water surveying in depths of up to 15 meters. The system simultaneously captures the full waveform in both the 35 kHz bathymetric and the 500 kHz topographic channels. The latest version incorporates the 80-megapixel Leica RCD30 medium-format camera, NovAtel SPAN GNSS-IMU subsystem, Leica MissionPro and Leica FlightPro software. It also features the ability to install in the Leica PAV100 stabilized mount for reduced flight lines in turbulent weather.

RIEGL’s new, innovative App–now available for free in the iTunes App Store–allows users to experience LiDAR data in a completely new environment, visualizing point clouds acquired with RIEGL laser scanners on their i-Pad. RiALITY features true color point clouds and 3D navigation and provides Augmented Reality technology in an easy-to-use app. That allows point clouds to be virtually projected into the real world. Dive into the point cloud!

XactMaps is taking LIDAR into the next frontier with UAV’s. CEO and founder Andy Trench is an innovator in the fields of robotics and LIDAR mapping. He is focused on creating the smallest and lightest mapping solutions for mobile and unmanned aerial platforms. Using his patent pending approach to processing sensor data and carrying the Velodyne HDL-32e LIDAR, XactMaps’ UAV is making headlines scanning from the ground up without the use of GPS for matching data-sets in real time.

Trimble AX80 Airborne LiDAR System
The Trimble AX80 is a dual-channel LiDAR system that can be operated up to 15,500 feet AGL and is designed for the most demanding survey applications from high-altitude wide area mapping to detailed low-altitude corridor mapping. The AX80 offers an 800 kHz PRR with revolutionary forward- and backward-looking capability to enhance point density on the ground and improve image resolution. This two-dimensional oblique view offers unparalleled scanning of vertical facades of structures. The system can be installed on either fixed wing or rotary aircraft.

About the TopoDrone
DroneMetrex has designed the TopoDrone as a unique, high-accuracy photogrammetric mapping system for UAVs. Unique because it is designed to address all known systematic and random errors of digital photogrammetric mapping. The hardware is designed to ensure "active" camera movement to counter the "aggressive" flight movements of a drone. By designing a system that addresses the photogrammetric errors as the core of the system, and then integrating with an appropriate airframe, DroneMetrex has achieved true heighting accuracies of better than 25mm.

RIEGL is introducing the first survey-grade UAS LiDAR sensor, the VUX-1: a very compact LiDAR sensor (less than 9 pounds), that can easily be mounted onto professional UAS/ RPAS. It has a 300 degree FOV and produces the extremely high quality LiDAR data users expect from a RIEGL product. Internal storage offers the ability to collect data for several hours at altitudes/ ranges up to more than 1,000 ft.

A 2.241Mb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE