Creative Marketing: Challenging the Way You Do Business

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Challenging the way you do things, it’s all about change. Business is becoming more and more challenging. Company directors have to think differently in order to grow their businesses. This includes marketing and by that I mean how you `market’ yourself. How do you do business? How do you get your product and service to market that stands out from everyone else? How do you gain customers and retain them? Why you, over anyone else?

As most of you will see, the way we market is seriously changing. I can hear you saying now "we have always done it this way and its works, so why do I have to change?" While I’m not one for changing things if they are not broken, I am up for experimenting and keeping up to date with the latest trends. I am also up for getting my message across that will excite, educate and enthrall customers in a different way.

I am always critically observing companies’ marketing techniques (good and bad) Rather than offend anyone let’s stick with the great things companies are embracing and how they are experimenting with via their creativeness.

Who stands out from the crowd, who do you look up to and think `wow they got it right!’ Who is challenging the way we do things in the geospatial industry?

Companies Who Challenge the Way They Do Things
Over the years that I’ve been in the geospatial market, little `gems’ have stuck in my mind, which I would like to share with you. Exhibiting at Conexpo in Vegas, Topcon’s machine control division did something different. They had a walk in theatre showing GPS satellites within the claws of the tent. This was unique and a very different way of showing off their product while educating the customer.

FARO on the other hand has taken a different approach. They came up with a more trendy launch of the FARO Focus 3D. In addition to the size and cost of the product itself, I was more impressed with the "fingers with faces!" ads. How different is that! Their marketing team changed the way they traditionally did things in order to get a reaction from the user base and capture more of the market. And boy does it stick in one’s mind. Something different can make you stand out from the crowd.

Challenging the Status Quo
Now, being a technical marketer, I have to stay on top of what the marketing industry is doing. For example, video marketing was up 46% year in 2013. People don’t have the time to read lots of different articles. Watching a quick 2-minute video is far easier for the busy executive.

So, how can you change and challenge your status quo? Think, write and discuss the way you come across now. What has worked and what could you do to improve? Ask your customers. Even do a "secret shopper" who can find out lots about you from the outside. You don’t have to break the bank. Test new ways of getting your product out there, record your results and see what happens. If you don’t test, you will never know!

One little golden nugget I will share is to keep your eye on the marketing industry through your marketing team, consultant or via twitter, blogging or by Harvard Business Review.

The world is changing and changing fast! Can you be that company in 50 years that is still going strong, challenging the way you do business? The above may give you the odd one or two key ideas in order for you to test a different path and that path could be very successful indeed.

Elaine Ball is a creative technical marketer with more than 15 years experience in laser surveying industry.

A 261Kb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE