Visual Intelligence Unlocks the Potential of Oblique Imagery with iOne Oblique Analytix

Visual Intelligence Will Unveil Innovative Productivity Software for Browsing, Measurement, Exploitation and Analysis of Oblique Imagery at ASPRS 2014

Houston March 20, 2014 At the ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference in Louisville next week, Visual Intelligence will unveil iOne Oblique Analytix, a software solution that unlocks the potential of oblique imagery by enabling geospatial companies to view, analyze, measure and exploit oblique imagery in powerful new ways. iOne Oblique Analytix is a web-based tool that allows users to inspect oblique aerial imagery from a variety of viewpoints and then conduct sophisticated 3D measurements, analysis and manipulation of structures and objects.

By adding disruptive innovative new technologies to standard imagery tools, Visual Intelligence is creating game-changing solutions for the industry, and the iOne Oblique Analytix delivers a first to our industry to create new revenue sources from oblique/3D aerial imagery, said Visual Intelligence president and CEO Dr. Armando Guevara. As an industry, we are just scratching the surface of what can be done with oblique/3D imagery. The key to unlocking its true potential is with advanced, yet simple to use, analytical solutions that allow users to do much more than traditional technology. The iOne Oblique Analytix sets a new standard for what can be done with oblique/3D imagery by enabling you to view, navigate through, measure and extract information from oblique imagery in user-friendly brand new ways.

These next-generation analytical capabilities enable geospatial companies to do significantly more with aerial imagery to deliver value-added products to customers in fields such as insurance, banking, real estate, urban planning, utilities, emergency response, property assessment and more.

As an example, lets say you are examining a specific real estate property in a batch of imagery you have received, and the building or house appears in multiple images taken from different vantage points. As any geospatial professional knows, navigating from one of these images to another, comparing them all, and deciding which to use for the task at hand can be a clumsy, frustrating, time-consuming process with traditional tools. iOne Oblique Analytix allows users to simply identify the object they want to work with, and the software automatically selects the best image for the object while also making the alternate perspectives available with just a click, said Dr. Guevara. Thats just one of the many benefits for viewing and navigating data, and I havent even begun talking about the advanced capabilities for measurement, analysis and data extraction. This is a turning point for how our industry uses oblique/3D imagery.

Under Visual Intelligences disruptive paradigm of Collect more. Do more. For less., the iOne Oblique Analytix is the latest in a series of groundbreaking system solutions that represent major steps forward in oblique/3D technology for the geospatial industry. These include Isis Earth, the powerful and fast post-processing software suite that automates workflows and generates quick and accurate ortho photos and virtual frames ready for photogrammetric processing within minutes of collection. These groundbreaking solutions also include the iOne n-Oblique sensor system, the multipurpose sensor with superior image quality and accuracy that enables geoimaging companies to pursue lucrative 3D/oblique projects at lower cost.

To learn more about iOne Oblique Analytix, visit Visual Intelligence in booth # 501 at the ASPRS 2014 Annual Conference next week. ASPRS attendees should also be sure to see Visual Intelligences stage presentation about the field re-configurability of iOne sensors system solutions on Tuesday, March 25 at 10:55 a.m. For more information about ASPRS 2014 in Louisville, visit Louisville-2014/.

About Visual Intelligence

Founded in Houston, Texas in 2003, Visual Intelligence LP is an industry-leading software and sensor technology company that delivers world-class geoimaging solutions for airborne, terrestrial and mobile applications. The company has a rich history of industry innovations, numerous Patents, the USGS Digital Aerial Sensor Type Certification, and the 2013 Geospatial Forum World Technology Innovation in Sensors Award. Using the iOne Software Sensor Tool Kit Architecture, the company delivers to the geospatial marketplace the iOne family of Sensor System Solutionsthe most economical, highest performance, most reliable, modular and scalable family of oblique/3D and engineering mapping multipurpose geoimaging sensors. They include automated 2D/3D software workflows for high speed actionable information product generation. For more information, please visit