3D Customization Enters the Mainstream Consumer-Friendly Technology to Personalize Thousands of Products

Up until now, if you wanted a customized 3D product think a business card holder or a toy, phone case, piece of jewelry, robot you went to a 3D printing company, they handled the process and your product was delivered.

Treofab is different. This is hands-on, 3D customization and personalization directly by the consumer.

The first customizable product marketplace for 3D printed goods and services

Treofab is an online marketplace for 3D goods, focused on bringing 3D printing to the mass market through personalization technology and a superior consumer experience. This marketplace is the first in the world to bring together the consumer, 3D product designer and manufacturer of 3D printed objects. Treofab achieves this by giving the 3d product designers the ability to load customizable products and promote themselves and their designs, collaborate with other designers, and share their creations. Treofab also gives the consumer the proprietary and industry leading user interface to personalize the designer supplied 3D printable products. By example, after personalizing their objects with kids soccer team mascots or business logos and contact information, the consumer is given the ability to choose their product material and manufacturer by sorting through reviews, quality, cost and speed.

The combination of Treofabs product depository, designer database, personalization interface and manufacturer selection process drives their community of consumers, designers and manufacturers, which will in turn, drive retail sales. Treofab earns its revenue by taking a percentage of sales, making use of discounts with manufacturers.

Choose the product you want, customize it with 3D clip art, shapes and logos and text in a range of fonts including braille. Pick the colors, material, and choose from a list of manufacturers to get the best price with lowest shipping costs. Thats it.

A new sales outlet for product designers

Treofab is a new business, in Beta mode. Their Product Builder App enables designers to submit their products for customization and personalization for sales to consumers on the Treofab website. Though the upload feature is currently limited to accepting STL files, Attia say his team of 10 are working to account for more file formats in the future. He says Treofab will be set up to allow the team to test submissions on their own 3D printers to make sure they’ll output properly.

U.S. promotion product sales of $18.5 billion in 2012

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI; www.ppai.org), the worlds largest and oldest international not-for-profit promotional products association, annual U.S. sales for promotional products in 2012 were $18.5 billion, up from $17.7 billion in 2011, an increase of 4.38 percent

About Treofab
Treofab, based in Santa Cruz, CA is committed to bring "together the consumer, designer and manufacturer of 3D printed objects, as well as provide the consumer with the ability to personalize and customize an object of their desire and have it purchased, built and delivered through a manufacturer with the speed, quality and cost of their choosing."