Spectrolab Adds AutonomouStuff as a Distribution Partner for its SpectroScan 3D

Washington, Ill. AutonomouStuff, a global leader in supplying perception and other products related to autonomy, has entered into a sales distribution and support contract with Spectrolab, a subsidiary of The Boeing Company. This partnership allows AutonomouStuff to supply SpectroScan 3D.

The SpectroScan 3D is the World’s first reasonably priced MEMS based scanning laser system, said AutonomouStuff CEO Bobby Hambrick. It scans with an eye-safe 1550 nm laser in short wave infrared operation, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor applications.

The SpectroScan 3Ds compact design and passive cooling lends itself to robotic or autonomous applications. The SpectroScan 3D LIDAR System includes easy-to-use 3D visualization and configuration PC software for real time ranging and 3D modeling.

About Spectrolab

Spectrolab is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency multi-junction space solar cells and panels currently providing power to hundreds of satellite and interplanetary spacecraft, and terrestrial concentrator solar cells for the emerging alternative energy market.Spectrolab’s product portfolio includes these world class semi-conductor products, as well as, photodetectors and sensors, solar simulators and airborne searchlight systems for military, maritime and search and rescue operations.For more information, visit www.spectrolab.com.

About AutonomouStuff

Headquartered in the heart of Illinois, AutonomouStuff reaches the world as the leading single-source supplier of autonomous components and services. The company was founded with the goal of bringing together the worlds best technologies to enable autonomy and increase safety.

A main focus at AutonomouStuff is customer success. Customers value the convenience of finding perception, computing, GPS and interface components in one location. AutonomouStuff focuses on supplying todays specialized products to help provide tomorrows solutions. For more information, visit www.AutonomouStuff.com.