Shapify.Pro Lets Business Owners Offer "3D Selfies"

Artec Group debuts a new Pro service with special rates for enterprise

Artec Group has launched Shapify.Pro, a new iteration of its 3D selfie technology designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to provide customers with scale model figurines of themselves, their kids and more.

Like the original Shapify.Me, the 3D selfie kit for individual use, a Shapify.Pro kit uses a Microsoft Kinect sensor array to scan customers in 3D. The scans are then uploaded to the Shapify website, and figurines are delivered to the business or customer within five days.

The benefits of Shapify.Pro for small businesses include a $999 printing creditmatching the initial investment of $999 for the Shapify.Pro kitand special rates that will allow 3D selfie businesses to become profitable quickly. Shapify.Pro also expands users’ options with two new larger sizes in addition to the 1:20 scale figures: 1:15 and 1:12 models.

A standard Shapify.Me kit lets individual users purchase 1:20 scale models of themselves and their friends and family members for $79. But for $999, a Shapify.Pro account gives partners access to special Pro partner rates of $40 per 1:20 (small size) printed figurine, $80 per 1:15 (medium) figure, and $140 for each 1:12 (large) printed model. At the suggested retail prices of $79 for one small, $129 for one medium figurine and $199 for one large figure, Artec Group estimates business owners can make almost $5000 per month by selling just two small and three medium figures every work day, and one large every other work day.

Shapify figurines are 3D printed in monochrome or color plastic. All Shapify.Pro kits include an account at, a Shapify-branded backpack and jacket, a scanning pad so customers will know exactly where to stand when being scanned, and further discounts for 3D printing figurines at Shapify partner print shops. Shapify.Pro kits can be purchased by clicking on the Shapify.Pro tab at

About Artec Group

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