Keypro Invests in AVEVA Everything3D

A leading engineering firm in the Chilean mining industry implements AVEVA E3D to shrink project delivery times

Santiago, Chile 5 March 2014: Keypro Ingenieria S.A., a leading engineering firm in the Chilean mining industry, has migrated to AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) after successfully using AVEVA PDMS since 2012. Keypro has already deployed AVEVA E3D on a project to optimise the capacity and operational flexibility of a regrinding circuit for a major Chilean mining company. Intuitive graphics, user-friendly interface and the new Draw module are just some of the capabilities that motivated Keypro to make the move to AVEVA E3D.

Our experience in working with AVEVA and using AVEVA PDMS has been very positive, so it was a natural step for us to implement AVEVA Everything3D, said Oscar Hormazbal, Layout Manager, Keypro Ingeniera S.A. Already, AVEVA E3D has proved to be the right software choice to deliver more value to our customers, while increasing our competitiveness. Our goal is to advance Keypros position as a leading engineering firm in the Chilean mining industry and we believe that AVEVA E3D can help us to achieve our objectives. We have already seen how using AVEVA E3D shrinks project delivery time by shortening project stages. It reduces effort, minimises errors and rework, and enables us to operate much more collaboratively.

One of the reasons for choosing AVEVA E3D is its capability to integrate high-quality 3D graphics and laser scan point clouds, said Franco Ferrand, Software Administrator AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA E3D, Keypro Ingenieria S.A. This makes it easy for us to eliminate design clashes when developing our projects, thereby saving us time and money. Our customers benefit from faster and more efficient project execution.

AVEVAs Chile team, along with the AVEVA Mining and Metals Centre of Excellence have worked very closely with Keypro, to help them carefully evaluate the technology options and how we might complement their business priorities, said Santiago Pena, Senior Vice President Latin America, AVEVA. The AVEVA E3D software is a very valuable asset for any engineering firm in the mining industry and the help and support provided by our experts at the AVEVA Mining and Metals Centre of Excellence creates an unbeatable combination for our customers.

About AVEVA Everything3D

AVEVA Everything3D (AVEVA E3D) is AVEVAs top-of-the-range, multi-discipline, 3D plant design solution. It combines the latest 3D graphics and user interface technologies with state-of-the- art data management to deliver the most comprehensive, productive and tightly integrated 3D plant design solution available. For further information about AVEVA E3D, and the Future of Plant Design, please visit futureofplantdesign.