LiDAR USA Announces FARO X330 Integration

February 12, 2014. LiDAR USA would like to announce the successful integration of the FARO FOCUS X330 with ScanLook.

In late January 2014, the latest scanner from FARO, the FOCUS X330, was provided for a trial run with ScanLook for mobile scanning. The X330 was released in October 2013 in Europe at Intergeo and then a week later in Orlando at the FARO conference.

Over the course of a blustery day the system was calibrated and working. The question on everybodys mind was how the X330 data compared to the 120. At this point we cannot comment on the full potential of the X330 but without a doubt the data from the X330 is less noisy, has better intensity, and has improved range. Further testing will be required to evaluate the differences between the two scanners.

LiDAR USA is pleased to continue to offer the latest scanning technology from FARO with its ScanLook products. Visit for more information including processed point cloud data and video samples.