Orbit GT showcases Mobile Mapping Trajectory Adjustment at ILMF, Denver

Lokeren, Belgium, February 14th, 2013. Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies today announces the presentation of all new Trajectory Adjustment tools for Mobile Mapping content at this years ILMF in Denver, CO, USA.

Trajectory Adjustment allows all data collectors and owners to adjust the positional accuracy with ease and control, resulting in higher precision and reliability. Since Orbits Mobile Mapping portfolio supports all mobile mapping systems on the market, this tool is arguably a must-have for all system and data owners, says Peter Bonne, VP Business Development and Senior Product Manager at Orbit GT. In any mobile mapping data collection activity, positional accuracy is key and at the same time a variable value. This tool allows the data manager to selectively determine the stretches of data that require adjustment, apply and check, and process this adjustment to point cloud, spherical and planar imagery.

A graph representing positional accuracy offers immediate insight and allows the data manager to determine which stretches of data need adjustment. Using Ground Control Points, a selective correction is measured. Orbit then calculates the adjusted trajectory just for this stretch. Switch views between original and adjusted data to check the result. Then move on to the next stretch and process all data at the end.

The Trajectory Adjustment tool is an add-on to the Orbit Mobile Mapping Manager solution.

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