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Building on the success of the Focus3D, the new Focus3D X 330 surpasses previous models in functionality and performance. With a range almost three times greater than previous models, the Focus3D X 330 can scan objects up to 330 meters away and in direct sunlight. With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing making it ideal for geomatic-based applications. Our customers asked us for this functionality and we delivered.

LiDAR USASnoopy ScanLook
LiDAR USA is introducing Snoopy– a configurable mobile mapping system that can be used on a wide range of projects. Snoopy can support Velodyne HD32, FARO FOCUS, or Z+F scanners as well as a variety of INS (GPS and IMU) components that the customer can select to meet their target client’s project requirements, equipment needs and budget. Optionally, the GoLook camera system provides 360 degree HFOV 7x1080p30fps imagery. Many configurations fit in a single carry-on case for easy travel.

The Leica Pegasus:One is a compact, highly flexible mobile mapping solution that combines the best of imagery with a traditional terrestrial laser scanner to allow high-quality data acquisition at roadway speeds with the accuracy of design surveys and the throughput of asset management. The system provides a plug-and-play hardware solution, including cameras and LiDAR sensors, enabled by a complete software solution (based on Esri GIS), including data acquisition, calibration, post-processing, viewing, editing and storage modules. Learn more at

Trimble TX8
The Trimble TX8 3D is a time-of-flight based scanner that measures at 1 million points per second. Combining high-speed measurement with long range and exceptional ease of use, the Trimble TX8 3D laser scanner sets new standards for performance and flexibility. By completing typical 360 degree scans in 3 minutes or less, and scanning at a range of 120 meters, the Trimble TX8 reduces time on site while enabling users to create precise, high-density 3D point clouds quickly and easily.

A 1.017Mb PDF of this article as it appeared in the magazine complete with images is available by clicking HERE