Bullseye Vertical Mapping Solutions

Sellersburg, IN, February 11, 2014 Jim Robinson, President, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Lidar Corridor Survey System for the Robinson R44 Helicopter with Bullseye Vertical Mapping Solutions.

Bullseye-VMS offers a completely integrated helicopter mount package with an FAA approved STC (Supplemental Type Certificate). The high-capacity universal belly-mount accepts all known survey package equipment and is located near the helicopters center of gravity which significantly reduces vibration and improves data accuracy. The system also boasts a generous 40 AMP, 28 volt power supply, and a Vertical Stabilizer mounted GPS antenna which optimizes reception and virtually eliminates multi-path error.

The Robinson R44 is faster, quieter, and has a much lower operating cost than previous generation single-engine turbine helicopters. Mr. Robinson saw a need to provide an innovative, cost-effective solution in the field of aerial corridor mapping without compromising data accuracy or precision and has engineered a quality, well-designed solution.

Our universal mount coupled with the Robinson R44 helicopter will revolutionize the corridor data mapping process by catering to the unique requirements of any survey package while offering a more cost-effective aerial application without compromising precision. Bullseye-VMS will integrate your survey equipment to our mount, or if needed, will design and manufacture a housing pod based on your specific needs. Bullseye-VMS offers a complete package without the need to deal with a third-party mount manufacturer /adapter. We are thrilled to offer this cost-effective solution just in time for the 2014 flying season. Stay tuned for many more planned innovations moving forward.

Bullseye-VMS is an innovative provider of new and efficient solutions for the Airborne Mapping industry. Our Engineering & Design Team specializes in the development of integrated sensor packages for aerial platforms, obtains FAA / EASA approval, and provides safe and experienced flight crew to complete the data collection process.

Let Bullseye Vertical Mapping Solutions add value to your next aerial mapping project.

If you would like more information about Bullseye-VMS and its offerings, please contact Jim Robinson at jrobinson@bullseye-vms.com or MJ Whittaker at mjwhittaker@bullseye-vms.com or call 855-762-1767.