Maptek Vulcan 9 Released to Global Customer Base

Vulcan 9 will be a watershed release for Maptek customers, delivering quantum improvements to the geological modelling and mine planning software.

Every user will be able to take advantage of the performance upgrades, including the removal of the dynamic memory setting. The amount of data loaded and manipulated will only be restricted by the hardware. Graphics and display processes now take advantage of embedded processors (GPUs) to dramatically increase the rendering and manipulation speed of large datasets.

The new object attributes feature puts users in control of their data. They can assign unlimited information to a design object, with attributes stored in one place and available on-demand

Users can define attributes based on the kinds of information they deem relevant – information on zones, levels, grades, drifts, direction – while formulas allow for reserving, naming and complex calculations to be part of the object definition. Downstream processes such as reserving will be streamlined as values are automatically updated based on changes in the object or the data.

Vulcan 9 introduces implicit modelling for geologists to rapidly generate models of complex geological domains from drillhole information. Easily combined with other Vulcan modelling tools, implicit modelling delivers multi-domain geological surfaces with no overlap, producing more consistent results and eliminating manual adjustments

By producing a block model and triangulations, implicit modelling allows geologists to move seamlessly into resource estimation and have greater confidence in the final result, said Vulcan Product Manager Eric Gonzalez.

New functionality for underground engineers targets design applications, underground ring design and stope optimisation. Twin outcomes of streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency will save time and raise productivity. Interactive previews, advanced framework options and simulation of what-if scenarios are all designed to reduce the manual aspect of design tasks.

In the open pit environment engineers will benefit from improved capabilities in haulage profile tools as well as stratigraphic pit design functionality.

Vulcan 9 has entered a new phase as the most flexible and powerful 3D visualisation provider for mining, commented Gonzalez. The Vulcan brand stands for robust software which pushes the boundaries of technology. For more than 30 years, Maptek has mandated that the software architecture evolves using the latest algorithms, with an eye to fulfilling the changing requirements of our customers. Programmers from even 5 years ago would barely recognise the Vulcan of today!

The tradition continues with developing automated mine design tools and the Vulcan workbench to boost performance further. Optimising mining workflow while allowing users control over their results is the key to maximising the value in mining data, concluded Gonzalez.

About Maptek
Founded over 30 years ago, Maptek is a leading provider of innovative software, hardware and services for the global mining industry. Maptek products are in use at more than 1700 sites in more than 70 countries. Products cover the whole mining cycle from exploration to reclamation. Vulcan is one of the world’s longest standing 3D mine planning and modelling packages. I-Site is an integrated hardware and software system for 3D laser scanning, surveying and imaging. PerfectDig is an augmented reality system used to evaluate and support design conformance. BlastLogic is intelligent 3D drillhole validation and load design software, and Eureka provides an interactive 3D environment for visualising and interpreting geophysical and seismic data.