Remote GeoSystems Releases LineVision Google Earth, Modernizing Aerial & Mobile Video Inspection Projects with Googles Ubiquito

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, USA- Remote GeoSystems, Inc. announces the release of LineVision Google Earth a stand-alone application leveraging Google Earth for simple, multi-channel, track-based geographic video playback, analysis and project editing.

LineVision Google Earth enables users to geospatially navigate a video recording by simply clicking a location along the aerial or terrestrial GPS track positioned in Google Earth. The video then automatically advances to that point in the video so that analysts and subject matter experts can visually interpret what was recoded at that specific place and time. As the video plays, a cursor moves along the GPS track, constantly indicating where the current view was recorded. If something of interest is detected in the video, users may also snap a still image from the video, which is geotagged and saved for future analysis.

Operators of modern multi-sensor gimbal cameras and mobile video mapping platforms can synchronize playback of up to four simultaneously collected geospatial video files.

In addition to video, LineVision Google Earth also supports geospatial positioning of still photos, audio, waypoint notes and pipeline leak detection system (LDS) data.

All these data types can be combined and saved as a .geoSolution project file for easy restoration and collaboration over a local network or on the same computer. Alternatively, users can package projects as a .rgs Pack & Go file for ultimate data portability and simple delivery to clients and end-users. LineVision Google Earth can also be customized to package projects in specific formats for later use in third-party systems.

Professional applications include:

Power Line & Pipeline Inspections

UAV & Terrestrial Unmanned Systems

Aerial LiDAR & Mobile Mapping Projects

Border Security & Narcotics Interdiction

Road & Railway Corridor Assessment

Humanitarian & Emergency Response

Military Mission Planning & Review

LineVision Google Earth is one of the most open and hardware-independent geospatial video viewers available. It will accept properly formatted video from a variety of off-the-shelf GPS-enabled cameras, gyro-stabilized aerial gimbal systems and specialized geospatial DVRs, including Remote GeoSystems geoVISE/ geoDVR/geoVIPER solutions.

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About Remote GeoSystems, Inc:
Remote GeoSystems, Inc. was founded on the idea that remotely-sensed video, photo and other data can and should become useful enterprise information that manages risks, reduces expenses or increases revenues. All too often many digital video recorders (DVRs) lack the capability to associate GPS and other important metadata, limiting the value of the collected data. When these capabilities do exist, they frequently rely on vendor-specific solutions that require you to use only that vendor’s services and software throughout the entire process – from data collection to analysis and distribution. At Remote GeoSystems, we enable our clients with portable video mapping hardware and software to collect data and create deliverables that work with a variety of camera systems and third party GIS and CAD software. Learn more by