Intergeo Eurasia 2014 – Turkeys First Twin Conference Fairs


Turkeys first twin conference fairs, INTERGEO Eurasia & Seismic Safety, which are the first organization of MMI Eurasia Fuarclk after its establishment in Turkey as a company where Messe Mnchen International is the main founder shareholder, will be held at stanbul WOW Congress Center on 28-29 April 2014.

INTERGEO Eurasia is a combo event consisting of fair and conference. With this character, the organization will offer a communication and dialog environment to the participants and the visitors. In addition, this combination will share the sound land development methods as well as the level that the map production technologies have reached and the land control and real estate management methods with the participants and the visitors.

In his statement on the subject-matter, Tolgazkaraka, CEO of MMI Eurasia Fuarclk, said that the fair would bring together the specialists who are carrying out studies on the fields such as geodesy, geoinformation, construction and environment in Southern Europe and the Middle East.

zkaraka said: The fair will be an important platform where discussions will be held to reveal the spatial infrastructure data on the one hand and introduce the latest technologies and developments in the field of geoinformation systems on the other. Requirement for the spatial data makes up a significant part of the current business decisions of the companies in the relevant industries, such as construction, infrastructure, etc. These data bear vital importance as regards to their influence on the decisions of the executives in the relevant industry on the measures to be taken against atmospheric events, natural disasters and earthquakes.

INTERGEO Eurasia would be an information center in this field and that it would share the most developed methods regarding the modern digital cadaster, the map production technologies and the land control and real estate management with the participants.

The topics of the conferences to be held in the course of the fair include the regional and international professional studies, the areas where collaborations are possible, the data generation and gathering, the sectoral technologies, the cadaster and the successful works in the industry.

The sponsors of the organization are as follows:

– International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)

– International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

– German Society for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management (DVW e.V.)

– stanbul Technical University (T)

The other one of the Twin Fairs is the Seismic Safety Fair. Being an Earthquake Safety, Fire Protection and Urban Transformation Specialty Fair, the Seismic Safety Fair is an event focused on earthquake resistant designing and construction. Seismic Safety Fair would present solutions for the issues of urban planning and designing, security, measures against earthquake and fire, construction materials and environment.

zkaraka said: Only in stanbul, hundreds of dwellings and settlement areas have to be rehabilitated through urban transformation projects. The urban transformation investment program is expected to create a huge demand for solutions involving renovation of buildings for earthquake safety purposes. Even this development alone increases the importance of the Seismic Safety Fair for the industry.

The Seismic Safety Fair exhibits its identity as a platform covering all processes involving the pre-earthquake planning and the urban transformation. The main objective of the Fair is to present innovative solutions to the target groups to minimize the earthquake-induced damage.

Seismic Safety and INTERGEO Eurasia take place at the WOW Convention Center Istanbul, which is directly accessible from the Ataturk International Airport, on April 28 29, 2014. Both events are being organized by MMI Eurasia Fuarclk in conjunction with Messe Mnchen International, HINTE Messe GmbH and the DVW.

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