Topcon Introduces BIM 3D Layout Solution for Construction

LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands Topcon Positioning Group announces a new BIM solution the LN-100 the worlds first 3D positioning system designed specifically for construction layout.

Topcons LN-100 introduces seamless integration and flow of project data from the design to the field. The unit provides straightforward operation, removing the intimidation factor and reducing the learning curve in performing construction layout tasks, said Eduardo Falcon, Topcon Positioning Group executive vice president and general manager for the GeoPositioning Solutions Group.

The simple design and ease of operation for the LN-100 strips away the complexity associated with advanced surveying instruments, Falcon said. The workflow is simplified with the seamless integration of the LN-100 with Topcons MAGNET suite of software solutions. MAGNET Field Layout and Office Layout are specifically designed and configured to meet the needs of construction layout and BIM applications.

All thats required to begin operation is to place the LN-100 anywhere on a project site on a tripod, column or on the ground and press one button. The unit self-levels and an operator just has to turn on the wireless controller and get to work, he said. One person layout has never been this easy.

With the wireless controller, an operator can call up simple point layout or CAD drawings anywhere on a site. Display the design point or line that needs to be staked out, touch it, and the LN-100 laser immediately points to the exact location, Falcon said. The LN-100 can also lock onto a prism and guide an operator to the next design points. Its operating range allows it to cover a 200 meter (650 feet) diameter area.

The new 3D positioning system is ideal for BIM projects. This innovative solution utilizes Topcons time-proven laser and robotic total station technologies to provide a highly productive system that combines design and layout operations. The Topcon family of office software and controller solutions integrates seamlessly with a wide range of Autodesk BIM software and services, Falcon said. Regardless of the job building infrastructure, electrical, plumbing, foundation and footings, walls, ceilings, HVAC, underground utilities or basic landscaping on any job site the customer has a solution thats easy to use without sacrificing the required accuracy and performance.

The LN-100 is the newest of Topcons BIM solutions, which include the GLS-2000 laser scanner, IS series of imaging robotic stations and the DS series of standard robotic stations. Additional information is available at

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