Aircraft Handover at the Dubai Airshow

Eagle Aviation signed a contract to purchase an Airborne Technologies TECNAM MMA with a complete surveillance configuration (Wescam MX-10 and BMS downlink system) at the this years Paris Airshow.

Mr. Manuel Garbaccio, General Manager of Eagle Aviation FZC: "We will apply the aircraft for pipeline surveillance at the Emirates and other Middle East countries. The TECNAM MMA is the perfect platform for airborne surveillance. With the low noise level, its multifuel capability and very attractive operating costs (DOC) the aircraft is economically unbeatable. Therefore the TECNAM MMA is completely in line with the trend to smaller platforms and more efficient equipment for surveillance missions.

The time span of 8 month from our first contact with Airborne Technologies at the AERO in Friedrichshafen last April up to the handover of the aircraft at the Dubai Airshow is extremely short and shows the flexibility of the company."

Mr. Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies: " We focus on fully customized special mission platforms with leading-edge features that are quickly and straightforwardly at our customers disposal. This flexibility and our customer focus make us stand out of our larger competitors."

Manuel Garbaccio (General Manager Eagle Aviation) and Marcus Gurtner (CSO Airborne Technologies): Signing the contract at the Paris Airshow 2013


For further information please contact:

Thomas Unger, Project Manager

Mobile: +43 664 88453034

About Airborne Technologies (Design Organisation EASA AP320):

Airborne Technologies combines and optimizes aviation, data acquisition and processing know-how. They own and operate a fleet of multi-mission aircraft / data processing systems for remote sensing applications. The experience gained from these missions provides them with the knowledge for consultancy and the delivery of comprehensive aircraft and sensor solutions. Airborne Technologies is manufacturer independent but close-partnered with a range of established and reliable sensor and aircraft manufacturers to guarantee best results for their customers.