The Year in Infrastructure 2013 Conference Keynote News Reference Kit

News! Oct. 3, 2013

Bentley Extends SACS Leadership in Engineering Software for Offshore Structures with Acquisition of MOSES

News! Oct. 17, 2013

Engineering Design Tools for Plants and Infrastructure

Bentley is #1 in:

  • Electric Power Generation

  • Mining and Metals

  • Electric Power Transmission, Distribution and Communications

  • Water and Wastewater Distribution

  • for EPC/AEC

Source: ARC Advisory Group 2013 Market Research Study


UK ProjectWise: First One Over 50%

In 2013 the UK became the first country in which the majority of Bentley application users collaborate through ProjectWise!


Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners

The Bentley Infrastructure 500 Top Owners represent over US$15.9 trillion in Net Tangible Fixed (Infrastructure) Assets

News! October 2013

COBie for All

As the BIM program has developed and gathered pace to its 2016 target of all public sector projects being delivered using Level 2 BIM, the need to integrate building and infrastructure has become more and more obvious.

The work of the COBie for all team is resourced in a joint team of BIM Task Group, Bentley Systems, HA, HS2 and Crossrail. Mark Bew, Chairman BIM Task Group

News! Oct. 9, 2013

2013 British Construction Industry Awards

Winner for BIM Project Application: Crossrail BIM Initiative

Crossrail is delighted to have been given this award – it recognises we are using information and data management innovatively in a collaborative common data environment and will ensure this is carried through into operation and maintenance. Malcolm Taylor, Head of Technical Information, Crossrail Ltd.

The 2013 BIM Project Application Award supports the U.K. Government Construction Strategy mandating the use of Building Information Modelling on all public projects during their design and construction delivery process by 2016. It does this by identifying and rewarding the exemplar projects in the UK industry that are leading the field in embracing new technology across the supply chain. Judges reward the teams that demonstrate the most innovative and forward thinking in the use of BIM techniques that deliver the greatest added value to clients.

News! Oct. 24, 2013

Crossrail: Asset Painter

In 2013 Crossrail achieved a milestone in its Digital Railway strategy by formally introducing its Asset Painter software (developed with its technology partner Bentley Systems and integrating the ProjectWise & AssetWise solutions). The Asset Painter gives Crossrail a simple but effective way of linking 3D models to asset information in order to facilitate whole life decision making and optimal outcomes. With this unprecedented substantiation of its Level 2 reach for collaborative BIM, Crossrail is helping to advance the UK Government Construction Strategy, and the capabilities of UK PLC.

News! Oct. 24, 2013

HS2 at Forefront of BIM

In 2013 HS2 has achieved a significant milestone in executing Right First Time as a foundation of its BIM strategy, by ensuring that it has taken control of the virtual asset as early as possible in the lifecycle of the project. A key part of this has been the implementation of both Requirements Management and Asset Information Management using Bentleys eB Information Manager. Ultimately this will ensure that HS2 can verify and validate that its physical assets have met the original design requirements.

News! Oct. 30, 2013

Foster + Partners and Bentley Systems Enter Into Enterprise License Subscription Agreement to Advance Model-driven Design


Network Rail: Hypermodeling

This technology is being presented this week by Network Rail as a part of an NR Rail Industry OLE / BIM Learning Event with 70+ delegates from the UK and international OLE contracting community.

News! Oct. 28, 2013

SmartMarket Report: Information Mobility

Contractors Benefit from Advances in Information Mobility, but Gaps Still Exist, According to New McGraw Hill Construction Report

Proved results in the value of information mobility investments, with contractors reporting:

    • Shorter schedules by 9%

    • Project cost decreases of 10%

    • And increases in project ROI of 2%

News! Oct. 15, 2013

Field Supervisor: App of the Week at

With Bentleys Field Supervisor app, users can make better, more informed decisions in real time out in the field and can do so more confidently based on information relevant to their respective roles and tasks on the job. Kimberly Hegeman,


Network Rail: Linear Asset Decision Support (LADS)

Bentleys AssetWise OPTRAM software is putting a smile on MANY (track superintendent) faces across Network RailStay tuned! Sue Coverdale, head of track asset management

News! September 2013

Shell: AssetWise Ivara

In September 2013 Shell accorded Bentley Systems a new level of global contractual engagement, as its successful implementation of AssetWise Ivara is now being rolled out throughout Shells upstream sites as an integral part of its corrosion management program.

News! July 2013

Construction Industry Institute RT 272Advanced Work Packaging: Design through Workface Execution

Available at

Case Studies: Advanced Work Packaging can enable 10% savings in Total Installed Cost with improved schedule and safety performance…

News! Oct. 29, 2013

New SpecWave Composer Extends Value of ProjectWise, Bringing Automation and Rigor to Specification Creation, Control, and Compliance

News! Oct. 29, 2013

Bentleys ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server Completes the Reach for Construction Information Mobility

News! Oct. 20, 2013

Greg Bentley Is Inducted into the National Academy of Construction

News! October 2013

Shell: Comprehensive Work Packaging

In October 2013, after a successful pilot, Shell began adopting Bentleys ConstructSim based construction work packaging solution to manage the completion of a major portion of its global capital projects spending. This reflects the unprecedented suitability of Bentleys solution for the owners overall execution management of projects so large as to require distributed industrialized sourcing of huge fabricated portions literally across the world, and also spanning a diversity of EPC systems.

News! Oct. 28, 2013

Bentley to Complete Its Reach in Software Services

Bentley CONNECT Services, Provisioned on Windows Azure, Extend Information Mobility Across Users Projects and Assets

News! Oct. 29, 2013

Bentley Announces Two Commercial Innovations

for Software as a Service

Aligning for Advantage by Expediting Comprehensive Portfolio Provisioning for Every Project

  • SELECT Open Access

  • MANAGEservices

News! October 18, 2013

Bentley MANAGEservice for Highways Agency

The Highways Agency is running its Integrated Asset Management System or IAM-IS, sourced from Bentley Systems, in production through Bentleys MANAGEservices provision, having successfully migrated from a previous supplier of managed services. Over the next three years, IAM-IS production migrations for the remaining Area Service Contractors are planned in succession, to span the full English Strategic Road network.

During the same period, new modules of Bentleys AssetWise for Transportation software range are scheduled to be implemented throughout HAs IAM-IS to further cater for Network Events, Structures, Geotechnical and Drainage functionality.

Citations from 2013 Be Inspired Awards Nominations

Effective Strategies for B/IM: Hybrid Modeling

This project takes a recent Bentley innovation (hypermodel), which is not available in other software, and shows how the hypermodel idea (automatically putting drawings IN models) also works very early in a design process when drawings are hand drawn sketches and idea explorations, and models are built by hand. A Place for Ideas (thoughtspace), School of Architecture, College of Design, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Thanks to the Bentley solutions, the team has succeeded in completing tasks that involved handling large volumes of data and bitmap images of various formats. This project made active use of space images, radiometric data and atmospheric sounding data. Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg High-Speed Railway, Mosgiprotrans, Moscow, Kazan, and Ekaterinburg, Russia

Working with dynamic and easy-to-use tools allowed us to harness PowerCivils GIS capability and synchronize Google Earth and the city councils rectified images. This meant we could work very quickly on each road. We noted that the competing company took more than twice as long as we did to design the project in AutoCAD. Basic Project for the Surfacing and Rating of Urban Roads in the Municipality of Blumenau, SOTEPA LTDA.,Blumenau, SC, Brazil

Also, having the point-cloud, its simple to create exactly the sectional drawings which the customer wants. Our custumer simply defines for which part of the church he needs new drawings, and by using the point-cloud and Microstation this can be achieved quickly and economically. Restoration of the St Leonhards Church in Frankfurt Germany, Steuernagel Ingenieure GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Customers always questioned about what they can do on the Point Cloud data before, now we can use Bentley software to help customers modify the point cloud data into a meaningful presentation. Successfully Utilizing 3D Scanning Technology in Greater China, Sigma Mascot (HK) Limited, Hong Kong

The main concern prior to the project was the size of the LIDAR file (more than 100 million points). Bentley Descartes and Pointools have been able to manipulate and work with vast data volumes such as these with no problems whatsoever. Integration of a Town Bypass Project into a Point Cloud, Conseil General de LAin, Pont de Veyle, Ain, France

A lot of different elements were combined to create the 3D model: 2D design drawings, pointcloud, DTM, PowerCivil libary, Trimble 3D warehouse. Stadsvisie Hoorn 2005-2025, Witteveen+Bos, Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

These two projects are typical of our work flow which now uses pointcloud surveys as the base for our information. Initially during the concept design phase we make an accurate but simple model with walls, doors, windows and slabs. This is used for optioneering and design discussions. Sorsby Medical practice and West Ham Lane Health Centre Refurbishments, Cadventure, London, United Kingdom

Citations from 2013 Be Inspired Awards Nominations

Effective Strategies for B/IM: Optioneering

Bentley solutions were used to develop and evaluate hundreds of alternatives and combinations of alternatives to create an Optimized Remedy for the site that would rapidly achieve the project cleanup goals while minimizing cost.

Implementing the Optimized Remedy, the completed cost was approximately $100 milliona $50 million savings for the RPs (33% savings). Lower Fox River, Operable Unit 1, Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC, Neenah, Wisconsin, USA

The Solar Study with AECOSim Building Designer has allowed us to choose the roof with maximum insolation on which to position the solar panels and has enabled us to design a better winter solar collection and a better shading for the outdoor areas, a very important key point in a southern Europe country. Zero Energy Building in Southern Europe, Ecodesign s.r.l., Scandiano, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Achieving a BREEAM sustainability rating of Excellent has been a goal of the design team and this would not have been possible without the collaborative virtual model RSHP created using Bentley AECOsim Building Designer. Cancer Treatment Centre at Guys and St Thomas Hospital, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London, United Kingdom

By integrating a parametric workflow within our traditional BIM and 2D Processes we have been able to investigate and resolve a number of unique design issues and respond very quickly to the aspirations and requests of the client with a small design team. One Blackfriars Road, Ian Simpson Architects, London, United Kingdom

Bentley products have provided our design teams with a platform for an integrated design process that allows for the simultaneous exploration of complex architectural spaces and the coordination of intricate building systems through BIM, rapid prototyped models and 2-D extractions. Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Morphosis Architects, Dallas, Texas, USA

Using Generative Components, we were able to incrementally adjust, evaluate and optimize the buildings solar performance inside a time frame that would have been impossible using conventional building analysis tools.

to achieve a higher quality result in other aspects of the design and a level of detail that the initial budget would not have originally allowed. Wujin Council Offices, LAB Architecture Studio with SIADR, Wujin (Changzhou), Jiangsu, China

SACS helped in finding out various alternative structural arrangements for the topside in a very short duration. Various SACS utilities were utilized to cut down steel further. OSX 3 FPSO Project, L&T Valdel Engineering Limited, Santos Basin, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Engineering often needs the flexibility technology provides to design facilities from multiple perspectives, challenging the full capability of the design tools. In this case, presenting multiple options and simulating construction of modular unit upgrades was achieved using ProjectWise in combination with the other design tools, enabling project teams to work on many versions to provide assurance and negate redundancy. Plant Yates Units 6 and 7, Southern Company, Newnan, Georgia, USA

SewerGEMSs Scenario Management gives our engineers full control to configure, run, evaluate, visualize, and compare an unlimited number of what-if scenarios within a single file. Our design engineers easily make decisions by comparing unlimited scenarios to evaluate design, operational, sanitary loading and even network topology strategies for better decision-making support. Feasibility Report (FR) of Sewerage Works of Moradabad Town, Urban Works Unit, U.P. Jal, Nigam, Moradabad, Moradabad, India

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Effective Strategies for B/IM: Working Work Packages

ProjectWise allowed us to manage the development of the content and verify components on site with the mobile extensions on iPads. City of Las Vegas Wastewater Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) Infrastructure Replacement, CH2M HILL, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

By employing iPads the construction technology quickly moved from the office trailer to the field. Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Morphosis Architects, Dallas, Texas, USA

The whole wheel and individual components were exported to the iPAD, the model could be integrated through the iPAD i-model software to check steelwork member sizes, eliminating the use of paper drawings when out in the field. Las Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel, Arup, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Currently, BIM covers a broad range of disciplines, fully coordinated in a 4D environment on top of the powerful Bentley AECOsim platform as follows:

1. Structural Concrete Works
2. Structural Steel Works
3. Building Envelope
4. Cladding Works
5. Faade/Curtain Walls
6. MEP Package
7. Cranage (Tower and Mobile Cranes)
8.Internal Logistics

Midfield Terminal Building, Abu Dhabi International Airport Innovation in BIM Implementation, Consolidated Contractors Company on Behalf of TCAJV, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The benefits of this milestone project are numerous and will change how MDOT does business for generations. ProjectWise: A Change in Construction, Michigan Department of Transportation, Lansing, Michigan, USA

AECOsim came for us with a big benefit over traditional drafting (CAD), allowing reducing of design costs and generating better performance of work. It will certainly result in better construction. Accomodation for Drill Ships, EEPSA Estaleiro Enseada Do Paraguau SA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With successful completion of the Project, we now have reliability and confidence that Bentleys RM is the best solution for long span CSB as well as other types of bridges RM is now used in other bridge projects of GS E&C including suspension bridge project, and they are producing good results. Furthermore, we believe, if the Bentleys solution is used in planning stage as well as in the design and construction stage, a higher productivity, cost and time saving can be achieved. Mokpo Cable Stayed Bridge in Korea, GS Engineering & Construction Co., Mokpo City, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Graduated existing ground theory was used in creating the work zone staging and finished surface DTMs. Using Inroads Roadway Designer and Surface Editing tools, each stage of construction was modeled and then merged with the previous work zone stage. This provided the design team with a visual reference of what was to be built, helped with estimating and quantities, and provided the engineers with feedback on constructability. The contractor is benefiting from these models during construction for use in automated machine grading. NYS Route 17 at Exit 122, Bergmann Associates, Wallkill, New York, USA

ConstructSim allows the construction planners on the project to view complete systems down to the component level and to create and revise FIWPs directly from the model with unprecedented ease and efficiency, Overall, the use of ConstructSim is estimated at having reduced FIWP planning time by 90% on over 275 FIWPs
Alberta Oilsands, Intelliwave Technologies Inc., Alberta, Canada

According to Abel Vera, the Last Planner Department Lead,: ConstructSim has become the glue on the project and enabled us to achieve a substantial return on investment on the planning effort alone, not to mention the improved collaboration with the field to deliver them truly executable work.

The innovation of using ConstructSim as a WorkFace Planning and last planner automation tool for all disciplines has created a quantum leap forward in construction planning, sequencing, execution, and progressing and are allowing this giga-project to achieve its safety, financial and environmental goals. Gorgon, Kellogg Joint Venture, Barrow Island, WA, Australia

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Effective Strategies for B/IM: Operational Hands-on

All available design information is readily accessible via the 3D Pact integrator platform so that O&M users can interrogate this design information as/when required to make operational and maintenance related plant decisions while navigating the virtual 3D plant.

Leveraging this virtual 3D asset for 40 years to benefit safety, operational and maintenance aspects of plant asset management will yield significant return on investment and business benefit to Eskom. Kusile Power Station – Virtual 3D Plant Simulator for O&M, Eskom Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa

3D information model in mining areas will be handed over to the owners. Later, we planned to recommend to the owners to manage plant information by PW or eB platform, hoping to play a significant role in plant operations at that time. Qian Bayin Molybdenum Ore Selection in Mongolia, China ENFI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, Eerdunchagan County, Suhebatuoer Province, Mongolia

By utilising Bentley solutions, we have established a common framework for our Surveying, CAD, GIS, and asset data management products, enabling the Council to more effectively move data between different aspects of the asset maintenance lifecycle.

This project has exceeded expectations for benefits realisation in terms of its goals and metrics for implementing a single source of the truth for asset management across the asset lifecycle Common Platform for Spatial Data Management, Napier City Council, Napier, New Zealand

The Bentley Exor product is one that whilst rigid in its data structure and integrity, is amazingly flexible when dealing with the unique complexity of over 250 individual asset types. Integrated Asset Management System, Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) ACT, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

This was where Bentleys WaterGEMS became very significant. By manual calibration and utilizing the Darwin Calibrator feature of the WaterGEMS, the software identified potential locations of leakages in the model. This made leak detection easier in prioritizing the locations in detecting leakages in the area. A leak was found flowing directly to the drainage in the spot where the model indicated. Remote Leak Detection Through Hydraulic Modeling, Maynilad Water Services, Inc., Malabon City, Philippines