Consolidated RM Bridge Offering Provides Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for Bridge Analysis, Design & Construction

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  • Pedro Cabral, head of the bridge department, Armando Rito Engenharia, S.A., Lisbon, said, regarding his organizations use of RM Bridge to overcome design challenges prior to construction of the April 4 Bridge in Angola, The team is proud it successfully built this important bridge. Based on the success of this project, we now have the opportunity to design more cable-stayed bridges. Notwithstanding the subtleties and details of bridge design that belong necessarily to their rightful designers, the RM Bridge software is undoubtedly a key part of the success of our project. I would like to underscore the extremely good technical cooperation and technical know-how transfer between our team and the RM Bridge Austrian technical team, a relationship we value, in addition to the excellence of this bridge software.

RM Bridge V8i is comprehensive software for structural analysis, design, and construction of complex bridges. It supports todays collaborative and advanced needs for the entire bridge lifecycle, while producing accurate, dependable results for all bridge types, classes, and materials. The software streamlines typically massive analytical tasks, handling complex engineering issues while enabling users to achieve substantial time savings.

The RM Bridge software offering has been consolidated to offer products tailored for bridge design and construction requirements. This offering includes: RM Bridge, RM Bridge Advanced, and task-oriented Advanced Add-on Modules.

RM Bridge addresses the requirements of all of the most common bridge types, from reinforced and pre-stressed concrete to steel and composite bridges. It represents the basic application for standard static and dynamic bridge problems in a local environment, supporting local design code.

RM Bridge Advanced addresses more complex requirements and supports work in an international environment, with 27 design codes available. RM Bridge Advanced also can be complemented with special purpose add-on modules.

RM Bridge and RM Bridge Advanced enable bridge engineers to use the powerful parametric 3D modeler to design the majority of concrete, steel, and composite structures, taking into consideration reinforcement and pre- and post-tensioned tendons; plan construction staging for different variants of schedules; perform camber control, time-dependent functions, live load, and dynamic seismic analysis in modal and time domain; design code checks; and more.

RM Bridge Advanced Additional Modules help users meet the intensive analysis requirements of complex bridge types, such as mid/long/ultra-long-span, cable-stayed and suspension bridges. Add-on modules address specialized activities such as advanced earthquake analysis, rolling stock analysis, erection control, simulation of wind-tunnel tests, and wind buffeting, as well as a variety of construction and fabrication methods such as incremental launching, in-situ casting, and others. Modules include:

  • RM Bridge Advanced Non-linear

  • RM Bridge Advanced Cable

  • RM Bridge Advanced Dynamics

  • RM Bridge Advanced Wind

  • RM Bridge Advanced Construction RM Bridge CAST

Used worldwide by consulting engineering firms, government transportation organizations, contractors, and project consortia, RM Bridge sets the standard for both routine and signature bridge design and delivery. It enables engineers to take a more integrated approach in the creation and construction of bridge projects, which, in turn, reduces risk and helps deliver world-class structures.

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