Launched by RST Global Communications, New Firms Technology Benefits Multiple Industries

Shelby, North Carolina October 23, 2013 RST Global Communications, LLC has announced the formation of RST GEO, a digital mapping and engineering solutions company aimed at helping customers improve their bottom line. RST GEOs state-of-the-art technology can be used to provide construction mapping for utilities, oil and gas, railroads, highway planning, asset management and many other industry sectors.

Unlike traditional surveying methods that typically require a team of individuals working over the course of several weeks, RST GEOs unique mobile spatial imaging system can tackle the work in a fraction of the time and cost. The innovative technology helps minimize staff field hours, while guaranteeing design platform creation in less time than competitors.

Our ability to capture point clouds and high-resolution digital imagery and transform them into geospatial intelligence minimizes how long it takes to complete a project, increasing efficiency and reducing risk, said Jon Owen, president of RST GEO. For example, a 23-mile route might typically take three or four people up to three weeks to complete, but it can now be done by one person in less than a day. Businesses and consumers can ultimately access, analyze, and share data more effectively.

The Shelby, N.C.-based company utilizes LiDAR and mobile spatial imaging technology featuring premium imaging sensors, a 360-degree panoramic camera and productivity software. This generates highly accurate, geo-referenced, dense datasets that transform into information-rich 3D models. LiDAR, which stands for light detecting and ranging, can provide 10 to 100 times more data points that hugely improve the resolution of an image. Just recently, mobile LIDAR was used to help the space shuttle Endeavour maneuver through city streets to its final destination in Los Angeles.

RST GEO is the first company in North America to utilize the Trimble MX2 (mobile spatial imaging) system and outsource the technology to benefit interested organizations. Whether improving infrastructure, asset management or geospatial mapping, RST GEO services are ideal for companies like CSX Corporation, Duke Energy, SCANA Corporation and the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Parent company RST Global says the new firm is a natural extension of its rapidly growing fiber-optic company, RST Fiber.

From road corridors, facilities and large fields, to design and construction firms, railway mapping, transmission power line scans and telecommunication fiber networks, this technology has tremendous benefit, said Dan Limerick, co-founder and CEO of RST Global. Few companies have invested in a mobile surveying system because of the high cost of acquiring and operating one, so our services will fill an important gap in the marketplace.


Based in Shelby, North Carolina, RST GEO,, was formed in 2013 to provide versatile mapping and engineering solutions. The technology is aimed at improving infrastructure, asset management or geospatial mapping with uncompromised accuracy, allowing businesses of all sizes to access, analyze and share data more effectively.

About RST Global Communications

Based in Shelby, North Carolina, RST Global Communications, LLC (RST),, is a member-owned company formed in 2009 to construct and manage state-of-the-art all fiber-optic networks in communities within the southeastern U.S. In addition to typical services (TV, Internet and phone), plans include home and business surveillance high definition cameras and security, on-demand movie services and numerous la carte offerings. The all fiber-optic network will also provide the foundation for Smart Grid technology, telemedicine, online education and other emerging applications. RST believes that fiber connected communities are Americas future. Dedicated to quality, high performance and lower cost through Reliable Scalable Technologies, RST has made the commitment to provide its enterprise, business and residential customers a better choice.

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