Artec Eva Used for Hand-Held Scanning of Cast Members of the Big Bang Theory TV Show

Are you a fan of the Big Bang Theory? We are! In Season 6, Episode 14 (called the "Cooper/Kripke Inversion"), Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali order customized figurines of themselves online. When the toys arrive, they are quickly disappointed at how little the dolls resemble them. Raj suggests buying a used 3D Printer and doing the job right. They scan themselves and Bernadette with a Kinect sensor and manufacture perfect replicas of each other in color.

The Big Bang Theory continues to be one of the most popular TV shows with a huge audience and it shows in the cost of advertising. A 30-second advertisement on "Bang" costs a whopping $326,260.

Now in its 7th season averaging 19.2 million viewers

"Bang" is just one of the shows mentioned in Adweeks recently published survey for network television media buyers. The magazine puts "Bang" at the top of the heap because of the "platinum" advertising rate. Bang, now in its seventh season, is the most expensive non-NFL show on the air averaging 19.2 million viewers

The episode was very funny and actually the real scanning was done with an Artec Eva scanner, not a Kinect sensor. The scans done with Kinect didn’t have the right resolution/texture for a quality, color 3D print. Artec’s authorized reseller, Chris Strong from Rapid Scan was invited to the set to do the scanning. Heres more on this news story on Artecs website: Big+Bang+Theory+turns+to+3D+ technologies_25263

Artec Scanners used for TV and movies

Along with TVs Big Bang Theory, Artec scanners were used in the production of the World War Z movie with Brad Pitt and in the making of other films, including Black Lightning, the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.

3D models of Bernadette and Howard

Check out the scans of Howard and Bernadette as they assemble on the screen with these links to the 3D models. Heres the 3D model of Bernadette ( a6fwtloz4ij) and the 3D model of Howard ( gh1v4oyuaqu).

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