Key Points to Maximize Your Geospatial Data Project

Roy Hill, Geospatial Solutions Manager (Aerial Services, Inc.)

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI)second webinar in the Fall 2013 series is fast approaching. There is still time to register for this free, educationally driven, one-hour event hosted by Aerial Services on maximizing your geospatial data project. Join us Wednesday, October 23, 2013 and learn something new! Register Now

The consistent advancements in remote-sensing technology, such as LiDAR & Orthoimagery, can create a confusing and intimidating discussion with your geospatial consultant. You require geospatial data but may not know how to clearly communicate your need. After leaving this session youll be equipped to help your geospatial consultant better understand what solutions to develop for your needs. Well discuss key points to consider for maximizing your geospatial consultation so you receive the best value, information, and solution for your next successful geospatial project.

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