GCS Webinar to Demonstrate Social Mood Mapping with Location Analytics

Social Doppler to be Unveiled

MISSOULA, MONTANA, 17 October 2013 On October 24, GCS will introduce Social Doppler, a new method of applying advanced location analytics to real-time social media data to measure, map and monitor the moods of population groups. Social Doppler will be the featured demonstration in the third GCS Geospatial Big Data webinar, Leveraging Location Analytics: Delivering Spatial Algorithms and Functions.

During the webinar, we will gauge the dominant sentiment or mood of the citizens of Los Angeles by applying spatial and temporal analytics to social media data sets as they stream from the city, said GCS President Alex Philp, PhD. The ability to monitor the changing moods of a given populations can provide demographic insights that are invaluable to businesses in support of sales, marketing and advertising activities.

The free one-hour Leveraging Location Analytics webinar will be presented by GCS on Thursday, October 24, at 3 pm EDT. One webinar attendee will be selected at random to win a location-enabled Google Nexus 7 tablet. Register now at www.YourDataSmarter.com to reserve your spot.

In this third Geospatial Big Data webinar, GCS will discuss how it develops location analytics platforms as part of Big Data solutions for both commercial and government organizations.

Attendees will learn to:

Leverage the location components of Geospatial Big Data sets to derive business intelligence.

Apply continuous cascading analytics that examine public sentiment as it ripples through the population of a specific geographic area.

Understand the importance of monitoring and mapping mood trends within demographic groups.

The GCS Big Data webinar series focuses on developing solutions to the unique Big Data challenges of GIS applications by leveraging location analytics, mobile platforms, and cloud technologies.

About GCS

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