GCS Geospatial Big Data Webinar Focuses on Location Analytics

Webinar Scheduled for October 24

MISSOULA, MONTANA, 2 October 2013 GCS has announced that Location Analytics will be the next topic in its Geospatial Big Data webinar series. Leveraging Location Analytics: Delivering Spatial Algorithms and Functions will feature live demonstrations showing how advanced location analysis of Big Data can yield meaningful insights that return value to public and private sector organizations.

The free, one-hour GCS webinar will be broadcast live at 3 pm (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday, Oct.24, 2013. Registration is now open through the GCS website at www.YourDataSmarter.com. A live Q&A session with the audience will be included.

Any organization that gathers and maintains geospatial data relating to its operations can benefit from location analytics, said GCS President Alex Philp, PhD. Location analytics are driving many business solutions right now, and we will show how they can deliver meaningful intelligence that can be acted upon instantly by organizations.

The GCS webinar will demonstrate how advanced spatial algorithms and functions provide returns on investment that extend far beyond simply answering questions of where.

By combining the analysis of where something occurs with when it occurs, location analytics can provide an understanding of why it happened, said Philp. Advanced algorithms can then correlate historical patterns with real-time Big Data inputs from social media, for example and make predictions of what is likely to occur in the future.

GCS has developed numerous analytical platforms integrating cloud and mobile technologies as part of larger Big Data solutions for organizations that need to leverage geospatial information. The webinar will discuss how to devise an analytical framework and select the spatial algorithms and functions that will deliver the desired information. The live demonstrations will include examples of Big Data analytics solutions that were, or are being, created by GCS for commercial clients and government agencies.

Leveraging Location Analytics should be attended by representatives of any organization that can improve its bottom line or enhance its operational efficiencies by gaining a better understanding of the Geospatial Big Data it collects, archives or serves to key stakeholders.

GCS launched the Geospatial Big Data webinars with a focus on developing solutions to the unique Big Data challenges of geographic information by leveraging location analytics, mobile platforms, and cloud technologies. The first two webinars, Building, Deploying and Managing Applications in the Cloud, and Moving to Mobility can be viewed at www.YourDataSmarter.com.

About GCS

Based in Missoula, Montana, GCS is a geospatial solutions company delivering intelligent analytics through cloud networks and mobile platforms that provide answers to complex business problems. With over 200 years of technical expertise on staff, GCS integrates and adapts best-of-class systems to extract value from data and opportunities from information, making enterprises more productive, efficient and profitable. For more than a decade, the GCS team of experts has delivered award-winning solutions for public and private organizations from start-ups to multinational corporations in disciplines and all levels of government.

To learn more about GCS, please contact Mike Beltz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at mbeltz@YourDataSmarter.com, or by calling (406) 532-3254, or visiting the website: http://www.YourDataSmarter.com .