Changing the Game in Point Cloud Conversion – Pointfuse by Arithmetica

Pointfuse is a powerful modelling engine that has been created to give professionals an astonishingly fast, precise and flexible way of turning vast point cloud data sets (whether derived from LIDAR or photogrammetry) into high fidelity vector models.

Replacing painstaking and costly manual modelling, Pointfuse uses advanced techniques at the interface of mathematical optimization and computational statistics to automatically and rapidly convert point clouds into accurate vector models that can then be manipulated using any industry-standard CAD system.

Uniquely, Pointfuse is fully mobile compatible, and can process data from mobile scanners as easily and quickly as from terrestrial or airborne systems and its results can be output and used on standard handheld mobile devices, making it an essential tool for creating and viewing highly detailed models in the field.

Another first is that the software will also fully automate extraction of features from point cloud data, allowing the intelligent recognition, measurement and cataloguing of objects and built environments, and other forms of extracted knowledge.

Dr George Skrobanski, Chief Technical Officer of Arithmetica, explains the significance of this development: Achieving the automatic extraction of features from point cloud data has been the Holy Grail for the industry. Pointfuse uses its proprietary technology to provide true automation and we believe this changes the game.

Pointfuse has been developed by Arithmetica, an inventive scientific software house that develops ground-breaking software to solve real world problems.

Pointfuse will be launched at INTERGEO from 8th to 10th October 2013. See Pointfuse in Hall: 3 – Booth: D3.046.