Brunson Instrument Company Releases the AlignCam System for Precision Alignment Instruments

Kansas City, MO September 30, 2013 Brunson Instrument Company today announced the release of their next-gen AlignCam system for Brunsons current line of alignment telescopes, levels and transits. This new product line is a signature development for Brunson alignment tools utilized every day by service organizations, and maintenance and reliability professionals. The Brunson AlignCam solution includes a digital camera and high quality CCD sensor with Brunsons TeleView software and an instrument adapter. Technicians can leverage this digital toolset to troubleshoot precision alignment problems, increase productivity, archive and document results, and more. An informative product video can be found on YouTube.

The innovative AlignCam system provides a live image and continuous feedback on sight lines, so a field technician can make adjustments to achieve precision alignments. This solution is ideal for a variety of measurement and inspection applications, such as turbomachinery centerlines, drive system alignment for shipbuilding, roller alignment in many types of process machinery, precision leveling of machine bases, and other machine alignment challenges. The AlignCams mobile option allows a single operator to view the image on a mobile device anywhere in the workspace or around the world. This optional kit includes a laptop computer, remote viewer, wireless router, network cable and a choice of a hard case or backpack for easy portability.

From the beginning, Brunson Instrument Company set the gold standard in precision alignment solutions, and continues to pioneer customer-driven enhancements, states Matt Settle, Product Manager. The AlignCam system integrates the benefits of digital technology with Brunson telescopes, levels and transits used daily and extensively in the field. A whole new generation of maintenance and reliability professionals can embrace these traditional tools without compromise for real-time monitoring and resolution of alignment problems.

The configurable digital solution is outfitted with a specially-designed adapter for quick, on-site user installation. To set up, the field technician simply connects the camera assembly to the optical instrument, and plugs the USB cable into the camera and the computer.Power is supplied to the camera via the USB cable. The camera system dramatically improves user ergonomics for viewing awkward setups in the field or the lab. Using a wireless connection and remote monitoring, service professionals can view targets, share their readings and collaborate with service teams in multiple sites, locally or around the world.

About Brunson Instrument Company
Brunson Instrument Company engineers, manufactures and markets portable measurement and alignment solutions for high precision industrial applications. Their product line includes optical tooling instruments, scaling artifacts, metrology instrument stands, laser target holders, and calibration equipment. In addition to private label and contract manufacturing, the company offers a full spectrum of client services for aerospace, automotive, power generation, pulp and paper, and other industries. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, Brunson Instruments serves its international client base through strategic distributors in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. For more information, visit