LiDAR, Key Points, & Webmapping: Fall Webinar Series Dates & Topics

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI), the remote-sensing and mapping firm based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has announced their Fall 2013 webinar series. These educationally driven, one-hour events will discuss a number of geospatial topics and are free to pre-registered attendees. Each is hosted by Aerial Services geospatial professionals who are experts regarding the topics being discussed. Join Aerial Services and learn something new!

LiDAR 201 9/25/13

Chuck Boyer, Geospatial Solutions Manager (Aerial Services, Inc.)

In September, Aerial Services Fall Webinar Series will discuss LiDAR 201, a follow up to our popular LiDAR 101 sessions held in the past. This intermediate session on Light Imaging Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) will briefly review how this terrain rich data is acquired and then get into in-depth discussion of applications. Plus, youll consider how LiDAR relates to data accuracy, ground control, technology, and markets. Share an hour with Aerial Services and learn more about mapping with LiDAR. Reserve your Webinar Seat Now

Key Points to Maximize Your Geospatial Data Project 10/23/13

Roy Hill, Geospatial Solutions Manager (Aerial Services, Inc.)

The consistent advancements in remote-sensing technology, such as LiDAR & Orthoimagery, can create a confusing and intimidating discussion with your geospatial consultant. You require geospatial data but may not know how to clearly communicate your need. After leaving this session youll be equipped to help your geospatial consultant better understand what solutions to develop for your needs. Well discuss key points to consider for maximizing your geospatial consultation so you receive the best value, information, and solution for your next successful geospatial project.Reserve your Webinar Seat Now

Webmapping Solutions: Technology & Tips 11/13/13

Anna Pestereva, GIS Programmer, Application Developer, & Cartographer (Aerial Services, Inc.)

Aerial Services has been busy developing online mapping solutions for internal and external clients even before webmapping became a trend. From proprietary to open source, Aerial Services has done it all. For instance, serving imagery from aircraft acquisition to your computer screen within hours or days, not weeks or months, has been an area of fruitful development. Now, wed like to share some of our knowledge with you, make some suggestions, and help you with your next webmapping initiative. Join us as Anna Pestereva, Aerial Services GIS Programmer, Application Developer, & Cartographer, shares some of her observations, suggested software packages, and coding tips while showing you a number of Aerial Services webmapping solutions.Reserve your Webinar Seat Now

Aerial Services Fall 2013 Webinar Series




Subject Level


LiDAR 201

2-3PM (Central)

Chuck Boyer

Geospatial Solutions Manager
(Aerial Services)


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Key Points to Maximize Your Geospatial Data Project

2-3PM (Central)

Roy Hill

Geospatial Solutions Manager
(Aerial Services)


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Webmapping Solutions: Technology & Tips

2-3PM (Central)

Anna Pestereva

GIS Programmer, Application Developer & Cartographer
(Aerial Services)


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* All Aerial Services Fall 2013 webinars are free to attendees. Click the links above to confirm your seat.