Velodynes HDL-32E Sensor for UAV Applications Is in Hot Demand at the AUVSI Show in Washington D.C.

Velodyne exhibits its lightweight HDL-32E sensor with Phoenix Aerial Systems Octocopter at the AUVSI 2013 in Washington D.C. from August 12-15, 2013.

Alan Trench (XYZsystems), Wolfgang Juchmann (Velodyne Lidar), and Grayson Omans (Phoenix Aerial Systems) with the recently purchased HDL-32E sensor.

Velodynes HDL-32E mounted on a UAV by Phoenix Aerial Systems with live real-time, 3D LiDAR data.

Morgan Hill, CA August 14, 2013

Velodyne, a leading supplier of 3D LiDAR sensors, used on terrestrial, maritime and airborne platforms for autonomous navigation and mobile mapping, is generating interest this week at the Unmanned Vehicle show in Washington DC. Velodyne has UAV/Drone enthusiasts in awe with their exhibit that integrates the HDL-32E sensor with the Phoenix Aerial Systems Octocopter, transmitting live 3D LiDAR data from the exhibition floor onto a large size LCD monitor.

Andy Trench, founder of, was so impressed to see the capabilities of the HDL-32E combined with an UAV, that he bought one of the sensors on the show floor. The team at, which delivers photogrammetry mapping, high-resolution point-cloud data, and film quality visuals for a multitude of applications, is thrilled to be working with Velodyne to advance the boundaries of 3D data collection using LIDAR technology.

About Velodyne LiDAR: Velodyne, located in Californias Silicon Valley, established its roots over 30 years ago. The companys LiDAR division evolved after founder and inventor, David Hall, competed in the 2004-05 DARPA Grand Challenge utilizing stereo-vision technology. Based on his experience during this challenge, David Hall recognized the limitations of stereo-vision and developed the HDL64 high-resolution LiDAR sensor. More recently, Velodyne has released a smaller, lightweight HDL-32E sensor, available for many mobile applications. Since its first commercial sale in 2007, Velodynes LiDAR division has emerged as the leading developer of real-time 3D LiDAR sensor technology. Velodyne continues to build on its iconic history by introducing groundbreaking technology and design. As an all-encompassing technology company, Velodyne also consists of an Audio division and Marine division. For more information about Velodyne LiDAR, please visit