Show Me the Money

Bye-Bye Cave Man

There are many 3d technologies that are emerging that serve different purposes. Some make communication easier, others provide measurement, and others reduce costs in some form or another. Whatever the case, its indisputable that 3d innovations are increasing and will become an even larger part of our everyday lives.

So how do you cash in? Where do you find the best position for your company to leverage profits toward your early retirement, pay off the ex-wife, or fund next years golf trip? If I had that answer, Im not sure Id tell you, but here are a couple ideas:

Rule 1: Get Behind the Spear

The tip of the spear also represents the bleeding edgeand theres blood there for a reason. Too often companies stumble over each other to be the first on the block to use the latest/greatest technology. It came with a lot of promises and made you feel good, but its rarely tested in the real world. So you go sell your clients on implementing this new thing (software/hardware/etc.) and they dont know how to easily incorporate it into their existing workflowsso it flops.

The point is, let others be the test pilots and figure out what flies and what doesnt. Then nestle yourself right in behind proven technologiessoftware/hardwareand offer that to your customer.

Rule 2: Do it Missionary

Want to be successful[insert Golden Rule here]then find a technology that actually works and provides others with a tangible, easily identified benefit for their world. Provide a solution where you can easily identify and communicate the value. Dont ever say how good you can do itmake it about how good they can do it and show how you help.

Imagine how much stronger your business would/could be if your greatest sales people where your clients. Your goal should be to create a marketing department from your customers. Have their interests in mind and help them be successful.

Rule 3: Stay in Your Lane

Dont boil the ocean, dont drink from a fire hose, and never spit into the wind. Okayall seem obvious right, but the message here is to stick to what youre good at. Identify the areas where you want your company to excel based upon whatever business goals you have in mind and then focus on being really, really good at those areas. Implicitly, this means youre going to have to say no to some clients on projects but ultimately youll avoid making a mistake that could cost you not only money, but your reputation as well.

Rule 4: With a Little Help From my Friends

Personally Ive had enough Girl Scout Cookies to last a lifetime, but you have to admit, theyve created a multimillion dollar industry by exploiting family, friends, and acquaintances. So, if something works, why not copy it. The suggestion here is to utilize youre existing relationships for several reasons.not just the buying your product/service, but for business counseling.

If theres one thing in massive abundance, its free advice. So ask your friends to offer you an honest opinion on what it is youre doing, how to pitch it, and what their ideas are for growing your business. And dont just ask those that are like yourather ask some of your weird friends too. Often times theyll provide a nugget of information or an idea that you never thought of that could help provide a tipping point for profits.

Rule 5: No Excuses

You have a significant advantage over guys selling hotdogs. They are in a commodity business with low price points in a mundane industry. You on the other hand are in the 3d imaging world and have really cool stories to tell and eye-candy to show. Realize it or not, you are in an industry thats in its infancy and will still not reach maturity until long after youre 6 down. So dont identify the roadblockseconomic, personnel, political, market, etc. Instead, develop goals that are followed by a strategy, that are implemented with a tactical action plan.

This is arguably the most exciting time in the 3d world with new innovation happening on almost a monthly basis. If your business is failing, or if you cant figure out a way to make a buck, then you need to look in the mirror and adjust.