3D Scanning the Brazilian National Football Team for an Upcoming Multimedia Project

Artec scanners were recently used to create realistic 3D models ofBrazilian National Football teamplayers for an upcoming multimedia project produced byGlobo Internacional, a mass media group of Latin America. The details of the project will be unveiled soon but we couldnt wait to share some insight information.

Artecs team of scanning pros went to Geneva, Switzerland to meet the whole National team of Brazil before its match versus Italy. Artecs mission there was very specific – to scan all the players of the team within a short period of time. Arranging workflow on a tight schedule wasnt an easy task because the players had to be medically screened and had to practice at the same time.

The upper body of each player was quickly and precisely scanned with an Eva 3D scanner and processed in Artec Studio, taking only 5 hours to successfully complete the process.

Scanning the players was a genuinely fun and fresh experience since all the athletes hadnt been exposed to 3D scanning before. They were quite hazy in the beginning, so Artec first scanned team assistants to prove that the process is completely harmless. For instance, Hernanes kept his eyes closed to protect them from Evas powerful flash but soon discovered there was no harm in keeping his eyes open.

During the session Artec did face some difficulties

Scanning Dante, who is famous not only for his talent for the game but also for his flamboyant Afro haircut was an interesting task. His curly and fuzzy hair proved to be a challenge even for Eva. Luckily, other players hair was much easier to scan.

Geared with Eva 3D scanner, Artec battery and a laptop, Artec staff were able to scan the whole National football team of Brazil and its coaches in a short period of time. Having scanned more than 25 people, we all felt very satisfied: football players learnt firsthand about 3D scanning, Globo obtained 3D data for the project, Artecers met in person the National team of Brazil and they didnt miss the chance to get some autographs.

We are looking forward to Globos project completion to provide you with more information in the future.