Fabricating.com Finishes First Year Focused on Growth and Quality RFQs

Buyers turning to Fabricating.com for U.S. Supplier Discovery and Made-to-Order Parts

Hoboken, NJ July 1, 2013 – Fabricating.com today announced more than 3,000 Buyers, purchasing professionals, engineers, and contract manufacturers are registered members of their online sourcing network. Launched one year ago, the Fabricating.com marketplace helps Buyers build U.S. Supplier networks to manufacture made-to-order, made-in-the-USA parts. With a growing number of American companies moving their manufacturing operations back home, Fabricating.com is actively supporting this supply chain trend. Their advanced sourcing system supports more than 250 manufacturing disciplines, such as general and CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, thermoforming, and a host of other processes.

In addition to building a large user base, the company has expanded their customer support team to work closely with Buyers to ensure quality RFQ (Request for Quote) opportunities are available for U.S. Suppliers. Moreover, Fabricating.com is engaged with area manufacturing companies and organizations to discuss ideas, policies, solutions, and MadeInYourState initiatives designed to enhance growth in the manufacturing sector.

We are using Fabricating.com to quote on quality RFQs from U.S. companies, and the system works well. It is a great alternative to quoting against global competitors, where you make pennies per part if you are awarded the job. We have been focused on quality mold production for more than 40 years. Quoting against suppliers in China, where the government subsidizes manufacturing, is unproductive work as some parts can be made for less than our material cost here, states Matt Somerville, Plant Manager of Nichols Mold (Ravenna, Ohio), specializing in mold production/repair and machine part production.

Online sourcing is a game changer for supplier discovery. One of my existing Suppliers was backed up with work from a government contract, and I needed to find a new resource. I posted an RFQ at Fabricating.com and received competitive quotes for the project. Fabricating.com makes it easy to find and communicate with qualified contract manufacturers in the US, said James Casey, RLS Enterprises (New Brunswick, NJ), a full service engineering firm specializing in the design and fabrication of customized packaging and process machinery.

The Fabricating.com team is very pleased with the industry adoption rate achieved in our first year. Companies with evolving supply chain needs have discovered strong U.S.-based Supplier alternatives at Fabricating.com, states Frank Russo, CEO of Fabricating.com. We are playing a vital role in support of American manufacturing by helping to revitalize Made in America product development with a stable force of qualified Suppliers. Our online sourcing platform is a positive contributor to the overall supply chain health of those companies.

The Fabricating.com SourceNow platform enables Buy-side professionals to precisely locate U.S. Suppliers with the capability and capacity to meet production and time-to-market guidelines. The sourcing solution is ideal for companies reshoring their manufacturing operations or building strategic supply chain relationships with U.S. Suppliers.

The web-based system requires no IT setup, software installations, or maintenance. Buyers only need Internet access and a standard browser to source from any location.

About Fabricating.com

Fabricating.com develops the SourceNow platform and online marketplace for U.S. Buyers and U.S. Suppliers engaged in the sourcing process to produce products, parts, and assemblies. The company provides a centralized, secure solution for the Request for Quote (RFQ) process, and supports the exchange and communication of information needed for custom manufacturing. The intelligent SourceNow platform analyzes part details from an RFQ and locates US-based contract manufacturers with the expertise and machine assets needed for the job. Fabricating.coms R&D, sales and marketing, and customer service center is located at its headquarters in Hoboken, NJ. For more information, call (201) 345-5229 or learn more at www.Fabricating.com.