Dream T&S Releases New 3D Modeling Software PointShape

Republic of Korea (May 21st, 2013) Dream T&S recently released high performance 3D modeling software PointShape version 1.1.

Dream T&S is putting a lot of efforts in the development of high performance 3D modeling software, PointShape to deliver excellent 3D models from point clouds.

PointShape, MicroStation add-in program, can quickly and accurately extract 3D models from any LiDAR system data.

View the features of Building and Road modeling http://vimeo.com/58154173

The first released version which MicroStation based is focused on Building and Road modeling applications including 2D drawing features and visualizations.

The various tools of PointShape support users to accurately generate planes, walls, windows, fences and many other elements which are related to building modeling application from 3D scans.

Also, PointShape provides powerful tools to generate 2D plans and semi-automatic line / plane fitting for Road modeling and 2D drawing application.

With the advanced essential features of auto fitting, circle, arc, line drawing, section and edge line extraction and many more, users are able to generate multiple high quality models in the same amount time they used to create single model.

View the features of extracting traffic line http://vimeo.com/63641264

The advanced 3D modeling features for Plant application and PointShape AutoCAD version are now under the development and we are aiming to release this next version by the end of 2013.

About Dream T&S

Founded in 2005, Dream T&S became a well known company as a 3D Scanning System Solution Provider in Korea. Since its established, Dream T&S has delivered and provided solutions to various customers who are specialized for 3D Modeling, Automation systems, Plant Engineering, Monitoring, Computer Graphics and Cultural Heritage documentation applications.

In 2009, Dream T&S has cooperated with one of the biggest research institutes in Korea to develop advanced powerful 3D modeling software PointShape which is mainly focused on Building, Road, Line extracting and 2D drawing.

For further information please visit www.pointshape.com.