QCoherent Announces Release Of LP360 2013.1

Huntsville, AL QCoherent Software LLC, the leading developer of LIDAR tools for the ArcGIS environment, announces the release of LP360 2013.1. LP360 offers both standalone and ArcGIS integrated versions.

This release brings significantly enhanced visualization modes and classification functions. Among the new features are:

  • Separate point and TIN display paths. This new capability enhances visualization by allowing users to segregate the display of points from the display of Triangulated Irregular Networks (TIN). For example, power lines, towers and vegetation can now be displayed as points superimposed over a TIN of the ground surface

  • Classification flags (Withheld, Synthetic, Model Key Point and Overlap) are now supported for both filtering and reclassification

  • A display by files visualization mode is available for visualizing LIDAR data by file source. This feature is valuable for quality inspection of data prior to point source ID assignment

Please see these and other new and enhanced features in our upcoming New Features of LP360 2013.1 webinar on Thursday, May 16.

Use LP360 Check for Updates to download this new release. Maintenance must be current to use this update. For maintenance renewal please contact us at sales@lp360.com.

QCoherent Software LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoCue Corporation. QCoherent Software is the creator of the LP360 product suite and LIDAR Server. Additional information can be found at www.LP360.com or by inquiry via email (info@LP360.com).

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